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Full Version: Anybody solo with Fibromyalgia?
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I have Fibromyalgia and was wondering if any other soloers (is that a word?) Deal with this? I'm not out there yet, but am researching, etc. Seems the perfect lifestyle for someone with fibro as you can go or not depending on how you feel that day ...

Consideration ... I can't sit stand or lie down for any length of time (sleep with sleeping pill) plus on pain meds & anti anxiety meds.

I think this lifestyle may actually help with fibro because stress is a big factor in the whole shebang. World stress, bill stress, urg ...

Anyway, want to hear from solos with fibro how they cope, etc.

I have FM. And you're correct. I manage much better on the road than in a house.
Thanks Cyndi for replying. I'm hoping to be mobile in 2017.
Feel free to pm if you're more comfortable with that.

I'll be looking for you out on the road!
I haven't hit the road yet but '17 is my tentative launch date. My symptoms have improved tremendously since going mostly raw, low carb & gluten free. One of my concerns is I won't have the space & resources to continue a healthy diet on the road but where there's a will, there's a way. I'll probably go for a larger RV so I have the space for meal preparation.
I don't have it but my ex did
One thing I do know is that in her case, exercise always seemed to help, at least for a while. She always said if she has=d the energy to stay active 24/7 her life would be much better
Great question! I have fibromyalgia too and have been wondering if I'll be able to live on the road too. I'm fortunate that I found a medication that works wonders for me but I still have occasional bad days. And I know it will be a pain to have to come back for my regular Dr. visits.
I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and 2 other auto immune disorders....hoping to start being a monad by end of summer.

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I have an autoimmune disease and I am full time. Symptoms are very similar to FM. I also have breathing issues related to Asthma or COPD depending on which doctor I talk with.

I opted for comfort, I have a large TT so when I am down for the count I am not in a small space. I have days where all I manage is a nap outdoors in my zero gravity chair. But it is all good! I am less stressed.

I have doctor visits every three or four months, medication that has to be overnighted somewhere every month and must be refrigerated. I make it work. I am better for it.

You can do this. I make mistakes and I learn from them. You will too.

Before I moved into the RV and started this life, I felt like I was just waiting to die, being full time has given me a peaceful and happier existence.

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I have several disorders all auto immune related the worse being Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. This spring I started thinking about packing everything up and moving into my car till I can save enough for something larger..probably a van. I have an old Subaru Outback so making a bed with back seats down will work out pretty easy. I too, thought, well I could stay put and watch money fly out each month for rent and utilities or camp and save. So I am working towards packing it up.

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