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Full Version: Finding a tent hosting job
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I looked on the websites I could find and I went to the big tent, and so far have I seen a job where I can camp host in a tent. If anyone knows of such a job that actually pays anything, please let me know
I got a job hosting in gunnison national forest. I'll be in a camper, but I'm unsure if you can be in a tent only. It only pays $350 a month then $40 a month for propane. Not much, but I'll be doing what I want to do plus get paid for a little work.

If you want the # or email of the person and place I contacted shoot me a PM.
You might be interested in looking at some different types of jobs...? I've had friends do fire watch/trail maintenance in the White Mtns and enjoyed it: ...the search that found that link also showed many other similar in different places.

Also check out Coolworks... from their mainpage I just typed "tent" into search string and this was result:
I worked for California Land Managemnt as a campground host and they let the hosts in remote areas of the High Sierras live in tents. Right now they have no openings but I promise that they ill by April and by June they'll have a lot. Job listings here: