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Full Version: My first dwelling build
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Rubber meets the Road, I have a 1999 Dodge 3500 !! (my first Dwelling van!!)

I've never done a conversion before so I'm looking for some help (I'm sure some of my question will dumb but I really want to get this right and make it work!!)
1) what is rattletrap sound deadening and is it really need if my van doesn't have much road noise to start out with ?
2) in a youtube vid I saw some on put Styrofoam in between the metal wall and the reflextex. is this need does it help?
3) if Reflextex good enough for insulation or is there something better I also have a roll for the household (pink) insulation should I use that as well??

if there's any advice and hints/tips you can give me I'm open and willing to learn!!!

Safe Travels and may your gas gage always be on full!!
I posted on your other thread, so without repeating myself I will say this. your best bet for insulation is polyiso. for hard to contour corners I like Insolite foam, that's the stuff old backpacker sleeping pads are made of. highdesertranger
YouTube is your friend.

There are tons of van conversion videos there. Some are good, some bad and some that are ugly.