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Full Version: Conversion Van Window insulation?
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My next project is to cover the two rear conversion van windows. Thay are solid tinted glass with no vents. I already installed Reflextix with black cloth facing the window. Used small binder clips to attach the reflextix to the aluminum window frame. My next step is to get some foam board insulation sheets. Would 1" or 2" be better? I would just cut out the foam to match the conversion van window frame and press in there, maybe leave a 1-2" air gap. Then I want to attach thin plywood to the window frame with L brackets. Then the ply would be covered with gray speaker cablnet carpeting that used to cover my bed frame.

So the layers would be window glass-reflextix-air space-2inch foam board-plywood-carpet.
So on these two rear windows they would be completely covered and the carpet would be even with the sides to make a flat wall. The front conversion van window does have a sliding vent.

Any suggestions or any other ideas.
maybe this is your intentions already ..... I would make the foamboard, plywood and carpet as one module laminated together so when the weather improves or you want more sunlight or have a nice view you can easily remove it and store it behind the seat, under the bed or somewhere. I would also make it so it can be removed and reinstalled with minimal hassle. it looks nice in there and that is a good idea.
Even if those windows have no vents, in the winter they can be a great source of free heat from the sun.
(02-10-2016, 01:34 PM)Off Grid 24/7 Wrote: [ -> ]Even if those windows have no vents, in the winter they can be a great source of free heat from the sun.

Hardware stores in northern regions (and probably everywhere) sell a clear film by 3M which can be shrunk with a hair dryer. If you're not planning to open a window for a while, you can seal your windows in plastic to eliminate drafts but still get solar heating.