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Full Version: I have a problem...
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I was working today and noticed my broadband was slower then usual most of the day.  I went outside to take the dog out to handle her business and stumbled upon this...


Whoever owns this van has been "e-dwelling" on my premises, taking my bandwidth, and I guess was here overnight. I am not sure who this is as I have attempted to knock on the van and all I hear is occasional deep laughing, occasional snoring and the slurping of coffee.

This new type of crime has to stop. Do you all have any suggestions? I am thinking about having him towed! Stay tuned...

For those with higher broadband, I have created a YouTube video here:
love the ending of the vid
vandweller on vandweller crime?
get a little more forceful and tell them to leave or you are calling the cops
Ahhhhhh,password on the router?
I assume this is tongue-in-cheek?

The simple use of a password makes this a complete non-issue, unless you are stuck in ATT's new world vision of xfinity wifi, where they allow anyone to hop on your router. The supposed ability of a customer to choose to participate is highly questionable...I got a different router to avoid this altogether.
How about writing out on a full sheet of paper something like: "I own this parking lot and you are trespassing. You have an hour to leave before I call the tow truck."

Stick that wording facing inside on his windshield. That way you have given him more than fair warning.

I would also recommend that you put registration marks on your trademarked words if you are being serious about that and not joking. If you've gone to all the expense of a trademark, you need to protect it and that is required. I don't think you can say what any fine would be as that would be up the the court in a lawsuit.
Your playing with dynamite by not having a password on your router, If the thief that is using your wifi is down loading child pornography you will be in deep doodoo,
I would cut the wifi cord and then I would have him towed.
Laughing, snoring and slurping of coffee by anyone other than you should not be allowed in that parking lot. Period.
The new xfinity routers with the "free" access actually have 2 separate routers inside , one for them and one for you . At least that's what they said!!! Plus the free access is only for other xfinity customers.
van jones?
(02-29-2016, 09:59 PM)Gary68 Wrote: [ -> ]van jones?

Naw, could it be?
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