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Full Version: False Starts
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Reading the recounts of the RTR is adding extra on top of my feelings of failure on first attempts to launch. I was really hoping to have been on the road for a while by now, and to have been able to join all you lovely folks in AZ.

So far, I've not even made it out of my hometown. In fact, due to a series of unfortunate events, the van I intended to move into has been sitting broken down in a friend's driveway while I've been couch surfing and working gigs to save up the money for repairs. It's made for a rather dreary winter, but I'm not here to complain so much as to seek common stories amongst the camaraderie I've found on this site. Misery loves company. So, please tell me I'm not the only one who's suffered so many false starts when setting out? I'm looking for the rainbow at the end of the tunnel, and I'd love to hear some stories from those who've gone through the long, halting launch, then maybe soared into the stars?
When things don't go along with what I want to happen, when I want them to happen, I try to step back and rearrange it into a narrative that I can feel more positive about. Stuck couch surfing during winter while saving for repairs? Thank goodness it happened where one has couches to surf and not halfway to nowhere. Perhaps the all-knowing aliens are looking out for you Wink
so what type of van and what's the problem? highdesertranger
You are for sure not alone!  I and many are in same spot. I couldn't even read on here, like u said about rtr Smile

I started writing in captains log to keep myself accountable in getting out of here. The getting out is the hardest part, all the imaginary stuff in my head to deal with! Once out there, real problems to deal with, way easierSmile.
Lots of help here, like highdesertranger asking what problem is with vanSmile
I have made a goal to learn alot more about vehicles, repairs ect, it is way cheaper if I narrow down what could be wrong, less chance of getting ripped off. Every time something goes wrong I am trying to learn about that aspect, currently on cooling systemsSmile I joined a forum for my make and model truck. I am getting a repair manual on eBay, ect. I read the mechanics threads on here. I just read a story from highdesertranger about how all of us can learn repairs if we read, go step by step.
I could go on about this getting out thing but written goals and objectives, budgets are helping. Wishing u well
You're definitely not alone, hang in there!

My first start was in a vintage 2-door car I borrowed from my mechanic uncle when he went overseas. It promptly broke down and he refused to let me take it to a mechanic because none can be good as him. Wink The alternator was going out and it had a bad oil leak, but the final blow was a braking issue that had the entire vehicle violently wobbling. I lived in the vehicle inside my parents' garage for several months before my friends pooled together a loan and I got my last van.

That one was a lemon, I maxed out all my money on repairs until that, too, was completely broken down. And the person attempting to repair it broke a bunch of other stuff on it...

Now I finally have this minivan that seems mechanically sound. It was over a year of false starts for me.

You can do it!
Thank you so much for the words of encouragement, folks!

BradKW, I have absolutely been grateful that this is, at least, happening here, where I have a sturdy support network! Imagining this happening out on the road is part of why I've been a bit picky about who I have help with the repairs (the 4-star rated mechanic I took it to pre-purchase obviously missed a lot).

And DharmaGirl1, you're wise about learning to work on these things as they come up. I learned a lot about mechanical work with two of my previous vehicles. I'm proud to say that I did all the work on my Subaru wagon myself, just going from a detailed manual Smile

Highdesertranger, it's a 1990 Ford Econoline, and unfortunately it's a shorter list of things that aren't wrong with it than things that are at this point. The last trusted friend I had take a look at it thinks it needs a complete engine replacement. I'm going to take it to another friend's uncle's home shop soon, which is decked out with a vehicle lift and compression testing equipment. We should have a better idea of what needs done, and hopefully the ability to do it, later this month. Fingers crossed!
I've been full time, this time since 2011. I keep getting grounded. The last two times have been health issues. Being stuck in a house, in town, only serves to remind me how much happier I am on the road, in my van. Each day,n o make that each minute only makes me more determined to GTFO of here. I am not living, at the moment. I'm just taking up space. The 6 week count down to getting back in my van can start soon enough!

Keep on truckin!!!
Don't beat yourself up. This is hard, especially if you don't have tons of money. I am having trouble finding a vehicle myself, and your post and the replies are encouraging to me because I'm not being paranoid; used van purchases can go really wrong really fast. I'm sorry that your pre-purchase inspection was a dud. You'll just have to keep trying.
False starts....
No such thing , just speed bumps......

There are LOTS of nice CGs that the rent is less than 300 a month , lots of BLM lands where you can park and not have to get up early , I can think of an almost endless list of places to park for less than $300 a month many for free. Hope you give it a chance to smooth out , it will if you do.

Anyone having trouble finding the right rig , just hang in there , the right one is out there somewhere just waitin' on ya !

Gotta do yer homework!

SSW just found one and you can too.
Look here look there look everywhere you go.
Ask your friends , ask your neighbors , ask the people at the parts places too , they know who has been replacing all their parts and are running out of $$$ !

I'm not stuck except of my own choice , lookin' after my mom.
Just a small bump in the road, 35 years fulltiming in all kinds of rigs and situations.
Some epic fails too , just get up and start again is all it takes....

All you have to do is want to do it hard enough .

Cindy , we're all rootin' for ya. If you need any help just post up!
And DharmaGirl1, you're wise about learning to work on these things as they come up. I learned a lot about mechanical work with two of my previous vehicles. I'm proud to say that I did all the work on my Subaru wagon myself, just going from a detailed manual Smile.

U should be so proud u did all your work on suburu wagon! Loved mine, just got rid of it week ago, took us all over the country,  one flat tire was it, 290,00 miles.

Cindi, laughed then cried at your saying about taking up space, exactly how I feel, so sad.

Hope we all get ungrounded soon. Wishing us all wellSmile
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