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Full Version: How the other half lives (pic heavy!!)
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Just got back from my Vegas trip and wanted to show how the other half lived.  Oi.

Before anyone gets too jealous of me going, this trip was with my sisters father-in-law in his 70's whose son couldn't go at the last minute and didn't want to go alone.  Free trip for me, so heck yeah!!

To start off, the flight went very smooth.  At the Vegas airport, we get picked up in one of these:

[Image: IMG_20160228_144214133_HDR.jpg]

They even had a bucket of iced beer waiting in it, haha.

Off to the Golden Nugget.  Apparently, JW is extremely well known there.  From the bellboys to the hostess's to the dealers.  Everyone would call him by name and give him a hug.  They sure rolled out the red carpet for him.  They set us up in the penthouse suite on the top floor.  Here are some pics of this huge place:

[Image: downloadfile-3.jpeg][Image: 20160229_093059.jpg]
[Image: downloadfile-2.jpeg]

(Was set up for his distributors' daughter's 21st birthday party)

[Image: downloadfile.jpeg]

My room and bathroom:

[Image: downloadfile-5.jpeg] 
[Image: downloadfile-4.jpeg]

This was Vegas, Thursday night, then again on Sunday night.   Even learned how to decently play blackjack (on his dough, of course..   no, I didn't keep any winnings, gave it back). 

When arriving, there were some streets blocked off.  Apparently, at a casino near us, there was someone threatening to jump.  Some 4 hours later, they talked him down.  I supposed he hadn't done so well.  Sad. 

Up next?  Laughlin, NV.
Friday, hop back into a limo to take us to Laughlin, NV.

When we get there, we get set up in the villa next to that Golden Nugget.  A 2 story, 3 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath with walls and gates that sits right next to the Colorado river.  Freaking nice!!     Here's a few pics:

[Image: IMG_20160226_145638723_HDR.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20160226_145621846_HDR.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20160226_145615630_HDR.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20160226_145606117_HDR.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20160226_151050277_HDR.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20160226_145631478_HDR.jpg]

JW's room and view:
[Image: IMG_20160226_151110016_HDR.jpg]

My room:
[Image: IMG_20160226_151118648.jpg]

Had a jacuzzi outside, never did get in it. 

I didn't get to go to the golf tournament, too many players.  Was cool with me.  I hung around, looked at some sites, checked out some local places, made some calls, then sat outside listening to the people on the boats and stuff with a light breeze and a mild 80 degree weather day reading a book.  Screw driving the golf cart!    haha

Only wonder how much dough over the years this dude has spent to get these places comped for him.  And man, they bent over backwards to make him happy, too.

I felt oh SOOOOO out of place!!  lol

So, yesterday I woke up in the penthouse suite in a Vegas hotel... this morning, I'm eating lentils for breakfast.  Confused   lol   Such is life.  Smile
So cool!
You're very strong to have been able to survive a slum like that !
Did you keep the do not disturb sign for your van?

Nice digs.
Everyone should walk on the wild side at least once LOL
Much more luxurious than our piece of asphalt in Main Street Station's RV park. I guess our little bit of video poker playing will never get us a penthouse suite! :-D

Glad you had a good time! Will you be starting your new job soon?
That's not the other half! That's the1%

Sorry we missed you but it sounds like you enjoyed yourself!

What's next?
Very nice Pammy!! You deserved it!!
pam, I don't know how you survived under those conditions. highdesertranger
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