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Full Version: Music players for mp3 and M4A files
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I started getting into music by using my android phone and a app called Tubemate , 
Tubemate allows you to download YouTube videos or you can just download the audio portion , thats what I've been doing ( I just download the audio in a M4A format , I think M4A is about the same thing as a mp3 music audio file except higher quality. 
Anyhow I don't like playing the files back on my android phone because I find it annoying the way you accidentally push buttons on the phone ( we all know how the smartphones are touchy ) 
Whats a good way to transfer the files from my android and put them onto a memory card so I can play them on my car stereo head unit.
My head unit has Line in and usb slot.
My Android tablet can be hooked to my PC via a usb cable, and is then treated by the PC like any other memory device.  I can copy and paste files from the tablet to the PCs hard drive, or directly to a usb memory stick plugged in to another usb port, or wherever I want them.

Or if they're stored on a mini usb card in the phone, there are adapters that would let you plug it into the PC as a full sized usb card to transfer the files.

I don't pay attention to car stereos, but I didn't know they came with card readers. I could see USB port for thumb drives, but a multi-format reader surprises me.

Anyway, assuming that you have a card reader for your PC and that you already know you're stereo will read MP4A, all you need to do is hook the phone (or tablet) to PC via USB cord, copy music to a Folder on PC, then copy to card format.

Maybe the only challenging part can be actually locating the files on Android, so download a File Explorer/Device Mngr App to make it easier:

That link is full of ad links to trick you into clicking...just stick to clicking "forward" on the picture
I would like to do it without a pc .

I'm going to buy a mini sd card and put it in my phone , then try to move the files from Android phone to the mini sd card ,  I have a adapter that will turn the mini to full size with usb on the other side. 
I'll then plug it into my stereo usb and see what happens.

Another thing I'm going to try is to plug my phone directly into the car stereos usb
If you just want to use your car's speakers, you can always get one of those male/male 3.5mm cords and plug one end into your headphone outlet on your phone and the other into your aux/in on your car stereo.
I remember my Kenwood being a little picky about uncommon file types on USB drives but it was older (kdc-x993).it's worth a shot if it doesn't work you might have to find an app that will convert to a more common file type like mp3 or apple lossless(edit apple lossless are m4a too so you shouldn't even need to convert those to work on pretty much any modern car stereo)

I use cyanogenmod file manager 2.00 and an happy with it but I'm not sure if it works on unrooted phones or non cyanogen based ROM. There's tons of different file managers on the app store if the one already on your phone isn't capable of moving or copying files.