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Full Version: Pour Foam?
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After reading the mixed results of spray foam and DOW GREAT STUFF spray foam here and elsewhere, some people spoke about pour foam to insulate a van. It takes prep to insulate right as one has to have some kind of mold to pour it in, but is another option to insulate small spaces for a low material cost.

This is the kind of pour foam I am looking at:
Supposedly 2-part foam is better than 1 part as it's a better quality foam?
I'd discourage most people from messing with that stuff. It expands so it's easy to over apply, and if you get it somewhere you don't want you may never get it off.
Pour foam is for boats and artists!

If you want to foam your van, get a spray kit of 'closed cell' foam, strip the rear of the van and tape in a plastic sheet to protect the front. Cover yourself head to toe in disposable overalls, hood, gloves, and respirator...and then be prepared for overspray cleanup and trimming of the expanded bits that got a bit'll need a thin serrated knife or a 'hot wire' foam cutter. Prepare yourself for a lot of cussing!

Or just keep it clean, simple and cheap and put in the polyiso.  Idea