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Full Version: Arizona Trust Land Permits Are Now Available Online
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A permit is $15.00 and is good for a year. This allows the permit holder access to all Arizona state trust lands for hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, picnics, photography, bird watching, sightseeing and other activities.

 The part that makes no sense to me is that it's only good for 14 days of dispersed camping per year. Some of the state trust lands are really pretty and are great places to camp so even at $15.00 it's still really cheap camping. We've never seen a ranger on state trust lands but we only stayed in a few places for just a night or two. And we stayed illegally because the permits were a nuisance to get without a local mailing address.
 Here's the website -
thanks for the info, good to know. highdesertranger
Thanks for the infor Karen - it's about time that the Land Trust permits were available on line. PITA trying to get one otherwise.

From talking to others who have camped on trust land, it appears that there is enforcement of the permit by state troopers in some areas (south of Wickenberg for ex.) but no enforcement at all in other areas. It appears that there is not only little to no enforcement but also no tracking procedures in place so little to no worry about a few days here and then a few days somewhere else!
In my experience, only a few of the access roads to the trust lands are posted. If you don't see a sign on your way in, feel free to camp where you want. In the unlikely event you get caught, you can only be told to leave, you can't be cited.