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Full Version: Do You Suffer From Over-Analysis Paralysis
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I often see newcomers to the forum on the fence about starting their "mobile lifestyle."  Many suffer from what I call....

Over-Analysis Paralysis,
Have you long desired to embark on an open-ended road trip in an RV, but always seem to find some reason why you can’t?  Do you always commit self-sabotage and cancel your travel plans at the last minute?   
If you do, you might just suffer from “Over-Analysis Paralysis.” 
What is “Over-Analysis Paralysis” you ask?  Basically, it’s when you think too much and as a result you do nothing.  Because doing nothing is easier than making a change in your life!
For every decision you face, from what you should order at a new restaurant, to major lifestyle changes you begin to over-analyze, with questions like… 
“Can I afford it ?”
“Is it the right time?”
“What if I get sick?”
“Is it safe?”
“What will my friends and family think?”
  And the list goes on…..
You flood your mind with all the possible negative thoughts of everything that could go wrong and instead of “going for it” you just avoid a decision!  You are not alone, many people do the same thing and instead of pursuing a dream, they come up with reasons why they just can’t do it and stay in their current situation!  Because no decision is easier than making a decision that may have you venturing into unknown territory.  
Here are a few recommendations for how to overcome analysis-paralysis, particularly as it concerns embarking on that open-ended road trip you’ve always dreamed of.
1) Remember, a good travel plan today is better than a great one next year!
2) You don’t need to sell everything you own, there are reasonably priced storage units that will securely hold your belongings.
3) No matter what path you choose in life, some people will support you and some will not, so do what you want to do and don’t worry about what others think!
4) You don’t need a ton of money to make your road trip a reality.  A reliable vehicle that you can comfortably sleep in, a water container and a small cook stove will get you started.  You can add things as you go!
5) Stop putting it off, there will never be the “perfect time” to embark on your journey… Just do it!
My biggest worry is how safe the restaurant food is!  Tongue  

Notcho taco trotts!   Sad
THAT'S ME!!! Oh yeah, for sure ... between the downsizing and vehicle selection I spend tons of time in OAP. Thanks for the tips!!!!! Shy Big Grin

The worst handicap a person can possibly have.
My biggest concern is safely sleeping at night.

I have a lot of fears about becoming a van dweller but none of them are really holding me back. It's more the logistics of selling everything and affording a van etc......I can't wait to hit the road!
Us, for years.

"Class A, or B, or C, or TT, or cargo van conversion, or, or, or.
Keep the S&B, sell it, put everything in storage, sell everything.
I want a home base, I don't care about a home base"

Ad nauseum.

Pulled the trigger, finally, made a big mistake, now regrouping and planning the next move. Not paralyzed this time though, we know that a mistake isn't the end, it's just a learning process.
Don't forget ...
Even if you win the rat race , you're still a rat !
Who wants to be a rat anyway ?
Tim Ferris speaks very well about this in his book '4 Hour Work Week'. The best question he writes relating to Over Analysis Paralysis is: What is the worst case sceanario that can happen as a result of ______________?

For me, I don't overanalyze stuff. I do spend some time to weigh the good, bad, ugly, pros and cons to see if _________ is/will be/result in a net gain or net loss in life experience. I also don't obess about optimizing/saving with miniscule returns (like removing stuff from the van to get 0.002 additional MPG carrying less weight, or spending hours to save pennies).
(04-19-2016, 11:01 PM)debit.servus Wrote: [ -> ]Tim Ferris speaks very well about this in his book '4 Hour Work Week'. The best question he writes relating to Over Analysis Paralysis is: What is the worst case sceanario that can happen as a result of ______________?

I've lived my life by that view, if I can handle the worst outcome I'm good to go. I don't continue analyzing or considering or worrying, I decide and move on. My beloved does not do this, which is a bit of a friction point.
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, scared because the world seems to be getting crazier. I tell myself, "If I die now, I won't have to watch the ridiculous election or its aftermath and won't have to deal with climate change. I fall back to sleep quickly.
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