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Full Version: Cool Drill/Screw Gun
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I have a Craftsman 19.2 gun but it's smart charger (30 minute) wants a PSW inverter, which I do not have, so I have to look for places I can keep it charged. (Usually a Walmart lobby or Lowe's, etc).

I found this Black & Decker cool little 8 volt gun at Lowe's for 30 bucks and it uses a USB connection to charge. Comes with AC to USB charger but charged just fine from my USB bank. Granted, it is not a pro type, but it is darn good for the van/RVer who needs a gun for little projects.
I found it to have plenty of torque to run screws and even paddle bits. The lithium battery is long lasting and the gun well made and easy to handle. It's smaller size makes it easy to get in places my big one won't.
I like this tool and am going to find a new home for the 19.2 gun.
I have a couple of 12v drills/drivers that were thrown away cuz of pooched battery packs. I just connect the leads which go to the battery pack to a pair of wires terminating in a 12v bullet connector. Since my solar keeps the daytime charge level around 14v they go like gangbusters. .Willy.
Willy...I used to do the same with a cordless recipro saw. Worked just fine.

I noticed Wally's also has the B&D gun for the same price as Lowes.
Lowes works out cheaper with my VA card discount...not much but it pays for the tax anyway.