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Full Version: what are some of the places you hate the most
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what are some of the shitiest places that you have visited and hated and why Huh
I'll play

Chicago, Detroit, L.A, San Antonio, NYC, Fresno Ca, and Miami.

These places have gotten betten with crime, but horrendous traffic make my job of driving a 40 ton truck nerve racking. Add in the high cost of living, and city corruption... I'll call Idaho home for now.

Chicago seems like they have thier hand in ur pockets all the time. From toll roads, to crazy taxes.

San Antonio, I didnt realize San Antiino is now larger that Dallas. The roads and traffic are bad.

Detroit? Well everyone who's been through that city knows the story. It resembles a third world city... Except the empty downtown streets and crumbling abandoned sky scrapers. Sad!

NYC, you love it or hate it. Again, I've only been through Nyc in a truck. Not a truck frienly city. Lots if low bridges and toll roads.

Fresno is now the Meth and gang capitol of the west. Used to be a nice farm town founded by the same man who built the Taj Mahal. His last name was Shaw. Interesting story. I worked in Fresno for 3 yrs. Everyone I bumped into seemed angry or bitter.

Miami used to be the safest tourist destination in the US. At one point, Miami was the murder capitol if the south. I believe Atlanta and St Louis now share those statistics.

I'm still looking for off grid in Elko County Nv. Its 11 miles if dirt riad to get to some property I like. I could do as I please out there, without a knock on the door or nosey neighbors wondering what I'm doing in a van.

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Portland, ME. It hates vehicles, charges you for grocery bags and I got legit stalked there.

El Centro, CA. I grew up near dairy farms but in the southwest it's different... Like the ground doesn't take liquid the same. The whole town smells acrid and sharp with stagnant cow piss and there's nothing there in the town except a crappy mall.

West Texas. All of it.

That whole stretch of freeway area around NYC, NJ, Baltimore, CT, PA, DC... There are some great places around those areas of course but that general stretch of East coast freeway sucks.

All and all though I've had many more good experiences than bad.
All large cities....................................
Of all the places I've ever been, I've never wanted to leave somewhere as fast as I wanted to leave Oklahoma City. People were really nice but the geography and lack of things to do just didn't sit well with me. I can say that about all areas of Oklahoma i've been in. Someone told me the Northeast part of the state is really nice, but i've yet to venture over that way to check it out.
Orange County (CA) freeways--terrible traffic!
X2 on the all cities!
Yup on the cities!!

For me it's pretty much if the road is more than one lane in each direction I am just passing through...
Hate's a pretty strong word.

I avoid cities and interstates whenever possible.
(05-15-2016, 07:40 AM)JT646 Wrote: [ -> ]Orange County (CA) freeways--terrible traffic!

I had someone tell me that SoCal drivers are the best drivers on the road. This was right after she finished describing how it's okay to just stay in the left lane 100% of the time. I wanted her to get run over by a bus.
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