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Full Version: Getting prescriptions on the road?
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I'm more than sure that some people who do full time RVing/travelling are bound to be on prescriptions that that need to see a doctor to get refills for fairly often.

I am asking this due to a friend of mine who may be traveling with me at least for a while and he will need to be able to get refills on his medications when far away from his normal doctor. He is on disability so it has medicaid and probably medicare as well so getting the meds for a discounted cost shouldn't be a problem, but getting the refills would be.

How does one go about doing so while on the road? Do you just find a cheap clinic and go in to a GP and get them to write you one or what?
The best way to do this is to have your friend see the doctor and have refills available on whatever prescribed meds. Have those scripts filled and / or transferred to a national pharmacy. I have used Walmart for years, just switched to Walgreens. I only have to take the bottles to the branch of whatever town I'm in and get refills. My doc has written me refills for up to a year, as long as I get labs on the road and have them faxed to him. I am on a cancer suppression med that requires titration according to some blood tests. It works for me. I have done this for years. The only time I had a problem was once at the slabs, my tumor markers were elevated and had to go back east. Another time, a Walmart pharmacist refused to refill a med that was prescribed intentionally at a "toxic" level (again a cancer suppressant) but after calling my doctors office back home he filled it. It is always a good idea to get your refills a few days early, so if there is anything that needs checked or verified, you don't run out of meds.

I have also had Mutt's vet call the Walmart in Brawley Ca and prescribe an antibiotic. They filled it no problem.
Problem with that is that 'mental illness' meds tend to be the kind that doctors want to see you every so often before continuing to hand out prescriptions. At most they usually go 6 months, but no longer. So he'd have to be back here every 6 months... or at least, going to SOME doctor SOMEWHERE every 6 months.
Yeah, depending on the psych meds and the underlying condition. Someone with depression, for instance, the docs like to see that the meds are working. A friend of mine is schizophrenic and needs more frequent checks for effectiveness of meds, and compliance.

If your friend will be traveling for an extended period, let the primary doc know. They will likely tell you what will work for them for follow-up. Carry records and if you need to see a doc on the road, you may be successful going to a walk in clinic, ya know one of those redi-med places. They should be willing to write for refills, unless any are schedule II. That could be harder.
Yeah, not sure. And the odds are he probably won't be going but... there is a slight chance he might.
Might do him good. The first person who ever told me about full timing was my therapist. No kidding. I was a wreck after the divorce and the death of my little girl. He convinced me to start planning. I remember I was first setting up the Truckhut for camping, and my mom was dying ( it was a rough 2 years, let me tell ya). It kept me sane. I didn't have these groups at the time, and I was dealing with so much anxiety and depression. He gave me a dream, when I wasn't sure I had a reason to go on.

I touch base with him now and then. I still can't believe it sometimes, how I got here from there!
I just asked my Dr. about this at my appt. yesterday. We are getting ready to leave our home town and both myself and my husband are on some pretty heavy duty medication. I am on heavy duty pain meds twice a day so I am extremely worried about not being able to get my rx's filled. He told me that he could only give me my rx's for 3 months at a time, max. I have to go back to his office every three months to physically pick up my rx's. He said that if I had an emergency situation and could not get to his office for my appt. that he would mail it to me wherever I was at. But only in an emergency. And he also said that I could not make a habit of it, cause that was the law for this type of medication. And after hearing this I am worried that I will not be able to spend much time on the west coast like I wanted. The only other alternative for me would be to get another pain med Dr.on the west coast. But I still don't know if it would be allowed. The laws on some medication are pretty tuff and they won't bend at all for us no matter what.
It would be a good idea for you to pick a place on the west coast where you could get to every few months. Some snowbirds have a "hometown" doc and a "vacation" doc. I was in the process of getting a doc in Michigan for that reason, and still having my primary doc back in Pa.

I vaguely recall being told that some people get into a practice that is nationwide, like some of the bigger medical centers. You are in the system no matter where you go. But that may be more regional. How far is your home base from the west coast?
I thought a lot of people get prescription meds down in Mexico? Mostly because it's the same stuff for cheaper than here.

Also, considering payment for the scripts...Medicare is federal but medicaid is state.  Does he have to purchase his meds from the state where he is eligible for medicaid? Not sure...just putting that out there.  I'm not positive, but I don't think Alaska medicaid pays for out-of-state expenses...It's worth checking into.


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