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Full Version: Oregon cheap RV dwellers?
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Good afternoon guys.  Anyone out there RV living full time in Oregon?  If so how do you like it?  I've researched a few parks but haven't found the one yet...  I was looking at Bud's RV at the coast but it looks like it's right on 101 - - like right on it, road noise.

although I am not there at the moment I usually summer in Oregon. I don't stay in parks to much free boondocking. highdesertranger
(06-20-2016, 04:35 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]although I am not there at the moment I usually summer in Oregon.  I don't stay in parks to much free boondocking.  highdesertranger

Do you find that there is good free boondocking at the coast?  When I lived there a few years ago I would hike out there all of the time.  I guess there are old logging roads and pull off where you could hang for the night without being bothered?
I go to the east side primarily. sometimes I get over to the wet side but not as common as I used to. highdesertranger
(06-20-2016, 06:09 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]I go to the east side primarily.  sometimes I get over to the wet side but not as common as I used to.  highdesertranger

Yeah.  Gotcha.  There is plenty of boondocking on the east side.  Nothing out there though...  If you ever want to check out some some spots on the coast here is a link :
my late brother in law used to be a commercial dory fisherman. mainly out of Pacific City, but would go up and down the coast depending on where the fish where. I used to tag along a lot. those were the days. highdesertranger
Cheap?  RV park?  If it has a lot of stars, it isn't cheap.  If it doesn't have a lot of stars, it's a dump and nearly anything you leave outside will disappear, and it still won't be all that cheap.  If you require hookups, you're going to pay a minimum of $20-35/day.

If you're self-contained, consider boondocking on BLM land, Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds, National Forest Service campgrounds, etc.  But many of these don't have space for the bigger rigs (over 20 ft).  If you're traveling around, many of the Tribal casinos will let you park in their lot, but check with management first.

In between, there are local parks and small campgrounds, often near water, charging $10/day w/no hookups available, but may have water and restrooms.  The State Parks are in high demand and tend to require reservations at least for the main season.

I love Oregon (lived there for a while), but they also know they've got a good thing (all beaches are public) and they're prepared to charge you for it.

p.s.  If you qualify as a senior, check out the Interagency Senior Pass for $10 per year.  It's good in many places, but not State Parks.  Having one at the right campgrounds can cut the fee  in half.  Check it out here: