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Full Version: This is what gives us a bad name . . .
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Article in today's New York Post:

This guy doesn't just live in a van parked on New York City's streets, he has TWO vans, full of junk and with more junk piled on top and spilling out into the streets around his vans.
I believe there's something to be said for "stealth". It imposes minimalism and visual normalcy for those living in cities and suburban areas, and doesn't give anyone any reasonable reason to bitch. Not that they won't; many people want to make sure that you're just as trapped, broke, and subservient as they are!

However, I think this guy needs to assimilate into the area, or find another area. Right or wrong, you can't fight City Hall, and I'm sure this story will be satisfied now that he has been exposed to the media.
This guy  most likely suffers with mental health issues, i'b be willing to bet he stopped taking his medications about the same time he gave up paying rent in the area.  I'm all for van dwelling but his less than stealth approach isn't going to bode well for him now that he's agreed to be in a newspaper article.  I really don't believe he understands the potential consequences of what he's doing.
You're probably right.  My limited experience working on an acute psychiatric floor at a large trauma center is that people with severe mental illnesses do not consistently take their medications.   I could write a book about the problem and what needs to be done about it but no one wants to spend the money necessary to fix it.  Ever since the late 1960's, those with severe psychoses have been turned out into the streets rather than sheltered and protected.  Or institutionalized when necessary.  We're not doing them, their families or society any favors by 'allowing' them their freedom.  We're merely placing them in a very vulnerable and sad situation.
Looks like a hoarder to me.

Hoarders who have houses can hoard a bit more discreetly. A vandwelling hoarder's compulsion is going to be visible a lot sooner.
I don't see it "Spilling Out" but what I do see and read that the people know him and aren't worried he'll freak out or cause problems...

Not something >I'd< like to see personally, but that's just me....
You did not scroll through all the pictures. On the other side of the van is much more on the street.
OK, I admit I didn't...yeah, makes you wonder about how the rest stops are so limiting to people who stop  and can't sleep over night, but this guy can do this....
(06-25-2016, 03:22 PM)Wanderer Wrote: [ -> ] but what I do see and read that the people know him and aren't worried he'll freak out or cause problems...

Read the very end of the article, not everyone is thrilled with his presence
He would solve his problem if he got a third van, Smile   at least for a little while......
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