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Full Version: Dometic refrigerator
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so I finally got a reply from Dometic,  it's only been 2 weeks.  this was concerning if you have to unplug the refer while charging for those that don't recall I can't remember what thread it was in.  anyway here is their reply hope it comes out without all those font thingys.

Hello Mike,

I am sorry for the delay  we finally got an answer from our engineers. Please see the answer to your questions in blue

me: question a friend of mine just bought a cfx65 refrigerator.  she knows nothing about electrical,  she wants to use it in her RV but in the owners manual it states to unplug the refrigerator when you are charging the battery.  this has got her scared,  because when the motor home is being driven the battery is being charged off the alternator and when she is parked and plugged in the battery is being charged with a convertor/ charger.  its a newer 3 stag charger.  I could not believe you couldn't run the refer when charging so I looked it up in the manual myself and does say that.  however it says a fast charger.  so what's the deal?

answer: In RV application the unit can be p[lugged into both the AC & DC power supplies.  The unit will default to AC power and when shore power is disconnected, it will automatically switch over to DC power.  This is by design so the unit never loses power.  When AC power is re-established, the unit will switch back to AC automatically.

me:  I need some clarification,  what's the max voltage the refer can handle.

answer: I do not know this but is built to run off of 12-24V DC and 100-240V AC.

me: I think her charger max's out at 14.6 volts.  if the refer can't be run when charging it's pretty useless.  what about solar?  can you run it when solar charging?

answer: Solar operation is fine.  This is how we operate some of them at the shows so we can show the flexibility.

me: I would like some clarification please.

although not a very concise answer I believe you can run it while charging.  although they did not respond to the maximum actual voltage they seem to say 12-24vdc,  with that info it would seem they are saying it's fine.  what is every bodies take on this.  highdesertranger[/size]
I would hypothesize that it's a CYA clause resulting from some damaged compressors that their engi's claim resulted from current fluctuation. It's about the only thing that explains a) the manual instruction, and b) the lack of a straightforward answer to your specific inquiry...
well it had the font thingy and it didn't highlite in blue so I edited it broke it up into my questions and their answers. I also removed the font thingys. highdesertranger
yeah I loathe companies that tip toe around a straight forward question. highdesertranger