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Full Version: ok i got a conversion van
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ok I got a ford conversion van what I need to know is should I take the walls down and look see what type of insulation is in the walls because there is pink fiberglass in the back door going to try  to get it ready for next summer so I probably ask questions to do this job and do it wright .
Hmmmm, do you think you could look without doing any damage ?
Maybe do a google search or go to the mfg website to find out anything on the internet before "getting in too deep".

Hopefully someone here has already peeked at theirs and can help .

Buster sure looks comfy in that pic !
There will be little in common from one conversion van to the next concerning insulation. One will have to peek to know for sure, and even then a full tear down might reveal that some areas one would expect insulation to have been installed, to be free from it.

Me thinks the workers in conversion companies smoked a lot of crack on their lunchbreak while the boss was locked in his office watching internet porn.

They used drywall screws to hold my fiberglass roof to the sheetmetal, and there were some pockets of pink insulation here or there.

Be sure to get some dust masks if disturbing this pink insulation and if you are sweating, use long sleeve shirts and if you still get the fiberglass itch, cold water shower, not hot.
Drill a hole through the wall, and then twirl a smaller screw through the hole by hand and see if you can catch something.