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Full Version: Where do you dump your trash when traveling?
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Looking at the free boondocking sites, I see that many/most of them don't have any trash facilities.

Dropping stuff in commercial dumpsters is illegal.

So what do you do with it?
I usually go to the county landfill. pay my couple of bucks and be done with it. a lot of the rural transfer stations are free. if I have a small bag I will put it in the trash can at the island when I am getting fuel. if I need to dump a large bag or two I ask the local business if it's ok to dump in their dumpster. highdesertranger
Trash cans by the pumps in gas stations, trash cans in Walmart's or other stores' parking lots, trash cans in city parks or street corners, trash cans at tourist attractions, burn some in campfires... When I'm a bad boy, I'll drive through campgrounds (National Forest, etc.) like I'm trying to decide whether to stay, then toss my trash in their dumpsters and leave.
I've always put my trash in small bags and filled several of them.  If I stop in McDonalds there are usually cans out on the edge of the parking lot.  I just try to pull up in front of them.    Likewise with gas stations.  Pull in and buy
a couple bucks of gas, clean the windows,  check the oil,  and dump a few small bags before leaving. 

No one wants to see someone with a large black bag looking at their Dumpster.   I use used Walmart bags,  or plastic bags from grocery stores etc.  Preferably white bags   to look like they only contain liter. 

Better to dump small quantities in several locations.  Few people ever lift an eyebrow.  I guess they think you're doing good to throw a small amount of trash in a trash can rather than trowing it on the side of the road.
Agree with small bags and get rid of them often.
the small bags work good when you are going to town a lot, but when you are out in the sticks for 2-4 weeks you have a big bag or two, or 20-30 little ones. if I have a big bag I always ask first. about 50% of the time I get permission. the other times I find the landfill/transfer station. highdesertranger
(07-09-2016, 03:03 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]the small bags work good when you are going to town a lot,  but when you are out in the sticks for 2-4 weeks you have a big bag or two,  or 20-30 little ones. 

How do you keep the critters out of your accumulated trash?
my dog Scout does a fine job at night. occasionally during the day I get hit by ravens but only rarely. one thing that helps is don't throw food in the trash. if you have canned food rinse out the cans first. not only is Scout a fine mouser but make a passable garbage disposal. highdesertranger
HDR ,dogs are the original garbage disposal , narrowly outnumbering teenage boys !

If I have a bunch of small bags (half full) I just spread them out among the different places I go on errand day.
I don't create much trash to begin with plus a lot of it can go in the campfire too.
yeah I was going to mention that too. that's the only time I have problems, is during the burn bans. highdesertranger
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