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Full Version: Going without insulation?
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Hey guys, so I was wondering if insulation is entirely necessary for my situation. I live in an area with humidity ranging from 20-90% throughout the year, temperatures rarely dropping below 50 and rarely going above 100. I've read all sorts of different things about insulation on this forum and others, all telling me different things. I was planning on using polyiso to insulate my walls and maybe some kind of vapor barrier, but in a blog post I read that it might not be necessary in warmer climates. Also, I wouldnt be in the van between 1pm to 11pm on most days. So i was thinking I might be able to get away with no insulation and just have a fan and vent on the ceiling for the little time i'm inside during the day, thoughts?
Keep in mind that sound proofing is also an important function of insulation...
I'm planning on doing without as well.

Given how you describe your local climate (central Texas maybe?) it seems like a reasonable choice. Your worst weather will be in the summer and I don't see insulation making much of a difference with high heat and high humidity and the winters are too mild to make it worth the bother. That said, if you're going to be staying in and around a city for an extended period the sound proofing is certainly something to think about.
Just to make you go back and do some more studying Tongue  y'all might want to think about using a radiant heat barrier instead of insulation.

I agree that there is no point in putting in polyiso for insulation to keep the heat in your vehicle if you're not usually going to see temps below 50F.

And while you're studying up on stuff, please do yourself a favor and recheck your info on vapor barriers. IMO vapor barrier in a van is wasted. Good ventilation and controlling moisture (mostly put there by humans doing stuff that could be done a better way) is a better way to tackle the problem!
so are you planning on staying in this ideal temp? you're not going to travel at all? let me ask this, do you run your AC or heater while driving? if you do insulation will help. highdesertranger
I would NOT insulate if I were you. but, like HDR said, if you move to a cold climate you will wish you had. Almost there makes a great point Reflectix with an air space will help with the heat.
Please give us a state and what kind of vehicle. There may be something that makes a difference. We won't come after you -- we PROMISE!
Another thumbs up for Reflectix and it can be added later. We used it to make bunkend covers in a pop-up to survive the heat and cold. We use it in the house. It is clean also and can be neatly rolled up when not in use.
Bob, is this advice mostly due to the space restrictions of a vehicle?
I'm currently working on building out a storage shed as a tiny cabin, and was wondering about this comment,
I would very much appreciate you elaborating on this, as I've been pondering this issue myself
Texas does sometimes get very cold (to a Texan) but not for long, and heat is much more an issue, especially radiant heat
It depends, will the house have air conditioning? If yes then you want LOTS of insulation to keep the cold inside and the heat outside. With a van the assumption is there will not be AC so no need for insulation. If the house won't have AC but it does get cold there, then its a toss up. Just decide on which is more important to you, staying warm or staying cool.
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