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Full Version: What would you pay for a dozen eggs?
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$1.95? what if you knew the farmer met the hens a buck each? We are so conditioned to the BOTTOM LINE. No wonder we suffer from malnutrition. Most of us follow the BOTTOM LINE. WHEN LUCKY i get these fresh eggs and at 5 bucks a dozen just wanna give her a big tip. When you realize the work involved in raising and caring for chickens 5 bucks a dozen is a bargain.
Eggs that actually taste like something would probably be worth $5 a dozen. Store bought eggs are not, (in my opinion). I don't know what they feed commercial chickens besides hormones and antibiotics.
I have a few chickens. They eat organic feed, lots of leftovers and all the bugs and worms the can find. Store bought eggs just dont do it for me anymore. I think anyone with a yard should have a few and a small garden.
It's just that bottom line thinking that destroyed farmers, and what really matters is what are we putting inside our bodies. I support farmers whenever I can just consume less then most. With no reefer coat your fresh eggs in eadable mineral oil and it will keep them good for weeks.
I usually spend about $3.75 and only buy eggs from free range hens. Having raised chickens for a few years, I can't bear the thought of them being in little cages their entire lives. And, yes, they taste a lot better, too.
I was raised on a chicken ranch.  We never refrigerated the eggs.  We dated them, and rotated them out.  Everything was sold within a week.  Fresh unwashed eggs will last several weeks at room temperature. (We has a cool room)  Refrigerated, for 6+ months.
In my previous life before going full time dispersed living, I had a few hens. I miss my hens more than many of the people I left behind. When I have the money, I have no problem paying five bucks a dozen from a small producer. In stores I pay extra for cage free.
I wonder if factory egg farms are subsidized?
I raise chickens for eggs and meat. During the winter months you can't beat chicken noodle soup.  Homemade noodles and home grown fryers or pullets. They control a lot insect problems on the property. I had a rooster that swallowed a small mouse, thought he was going to choke but it finally went down.
Also make my own deer sausage, pretty much of my food is natural, no hormones in the food.
I had some hens around for a while man o man those were the best eggs but dang that was expensive to feed and care for them, I could not let them run the garden My young Aussie just wanted to eat the poor things. Now I just go to the Dollar store and get 18 mediums for a buck.
Years back I got fresh eggs from a friends farm in southern Va. Boy they were good. Multi colored as, green, white, brown was like Easter year round. The chickens also had feathers down their legs...looked like they were wearing pants. I've forgotten the breed name.

BTW:The hand holding that bird above has quite the bracelet.
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