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Full Version: TruckFridge group buys
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Picked up a TruckFridge TF51 on a group-buy for $449 delivered. Ideal size for one person.

I understand that these are on sale through the summer by TruckFridge from several sites. I'll see if I can find some if anyone is interested.

From the TruckFridge site,
The TF51 model offers the best of electronic technology. Featuring a highly efficiency Danfoss/Secop compressor, an energy saving function (ECO), a turbo cooling function (MAX) and multifunction electronic thermostat allowing for easy temperature control with minimal energy consumption. The electronic AC/DC circuit board allows for both 12-24 VDC or 115-230 VAC
operation. Switching between DC and AC is automatic. Standard three level battery protection. 1 year warranty.

Model TF51
Size-WxHxL 13-3/4"W x 20-1/2"H x23"L
Gross Capacity 2.0 cu ft, (50 liter capacity)
Voltage DC 12-24 Volt / AC 115-230 Volt/50/60 Hz

The TF51 is made by Indel-B
Wow, great price for that fridge.
Indeed, with no tax or shipping to my state plus 100 off the price it's $175 savings and standard 1 yr warranty. Pretty good for a Danfoss.
I'd be interested if there are any available at that price. A quick search didn't turn anything up; is this online?

I called using the discount promo code "tacoma" on July 29th and they still honered the discount.

The tacoma truck fourm had the original group buy.
I'm away from my laptop now but can add more links later.
Tempting, wonder if the promo is still working in August?
They offered 3 different sizes. This was the largest portable available. Smaller ones are cheaper. And to your question, it's worth a try if your considering one.
Has the original thread with info.
I just clicked the link to the group buy offer after reading the particulars.
Just installed the TF-130 in my van. Doesn't apply to the group buy, but I can say I'm very happy with it. Best $700 my off-grid beverage palette has ever been gifted.
I am calling tomorrow to place an order if the promo is still in effect. I will report back with the results!
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