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Full Version: Ever try AliExpress?
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I've seen AliExpress around for awhile now, popping up in search results for products. It appears to be a portal to ordering items direct from China, and on the couple occassions I looked closely, you had to order quantity. So I've ignored it mostly.

I see now that they have made ordering single items an option with some things...this kitchen sink for example:

While I'm not planning to order that in particular, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with AliExpress? It looks like a huge operation, and it's probably fair to say that we buy these products after someone stateside buys quantity and then re-sells it. But I'd be concerned that there isn't any support for if there's a problem, or if item doesn't meet expectations...
I've bought small items from them with no problems. I believe the larger items come with a hefty shipping price

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It's a portal that connects buyer to seller -- so experiences will vary. dx (dealextreme) and banggood are examples of Chinese retailers that sell internationally. For the adventurous, there is taobao, but you will need a translator and shipping agent. (The latter can cost more than the product in some cases.)
I have bought a lot of small items, low priced (under $10) with no problems.
Used to buy directly from China and Hong Kong (samey-same) when prices were very low to get into the US market but the quality was often low and documentation on electronics nonexistent or incomprehensible, which can be an acceptable risk if the company is good at returns. After awhile I just got tired of the hassle and now spend a little more time comparing price and value with major distributors with good reputations.
My wife goes through Aliexpress all the time. She has bought several items, sometimes pennies on the dollar with free postage from China to Australia. My wife says that they hold unto the funds until she sends in feedback which then pay the sellers.
We even bought a quality dash cam for half the price of same design and specs, works great. I even bought a Samsung Galaxy 4 clone for less than half price with all the looks and features.
Aliexpress has been good for us.
I have purchased several items from aliexpress, even had to make a claim a time or two.  If you follow directions and only purchase from those rated the highest, you don't have any issues.  
Shipping can be stupid slow.  But no different than ordering from China on Amazon.