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Full Version: found a project cargo trailer
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ever since I read Bob's blog post on the Runaway campers, I've thought 'what a great idea' since my little ranger with it's 6 foot bed and camper shell would be sorta cramped and i just didn't have money for a van(if I could even find one for a decent price locally, it seems folks in my area either want to keep them, or think 'van' means 'gold mine')
Of course if I had $2500+ to buy a runaway, I'd have a finished cabin by now  Blush
so instead I started scanning CL for a small enclosed cargo trailer  and yesterday a 4x8 enclosed cargo trailer showed up for $400
A trip to Tomball to see it nearly netted nothing, as it is a home built using wooden panels, and the wood will need replacing, but he dropped the price to $300, which is what a new Harbor freight utility trailer would cast, so i did buy it
A bit of redoing and I'll have a mini camper I can actually travel with
I would love to post pics, but for some reason i can't do that with my 'pc through cell phone' interweb access, I will, however, post a xid later
Should be a fun project. And if it's got a decent frame and axle $300 is a great deal. I want to put a heavier axle under my trailer and if I can't find a used one it's going to cost about $500.
It'll be a learning project, for sure, here's a vid, for those with the bandwidth
Since i can't post photos Anyone want's to pop stills for those less bandwidth blessed be my guest and with my thanks
if not, well, no one's gonna cry I don't think, it ain't such a much
I watched the video however I had no sound.  What year is your Ranger?  Mine is 1991 ext cab xlt 4x4 with 4.0 V6 and automatic tranny..I came out of a 1981 F250 into the Ranger and was surprised at the towing power of the little trk.  I hope you post your trailer build as I need a smaller camper trailer to tow with my Ranger and would like to your start from scratch build.

Yeah I don't know what happened to the sound, usually when i make a vid with my phone it has sound
My Ranger is a 1996
I wish i had the 4.0, but i got the 3.slow Big Grin
Mine will pull mt 16x8 TT, but it's not happy about it above about 50, I do have some codes I should deal with, I think it's cyl1 misfire and EGR IIRC
I will post a build thread if I can figure out how to post pics, as photobucket will no, atm, let me post pics from my PC through my USB tether
It will be a VERY simple build, though, I'm thinking Teardrop / tiny toy hauler and using the truck with cap for what doesn't fit in the trailer conveniently
this vid was pretty interesting idea wise, though it's a commercially built teardrop
I like the "idea"  of a tear drop, however since my elbows and right ankle are the only joints on my body that I haven't managed to twist/dislocate or injure in some way I need to step into a trailer and not crawl or slide into.  Have you seen a "ledge style" Gypsy Vardo [wagon] ?  they seem to start with a narrow bed then ledges are installed and the build becomes wider.  I'd like something wide enough to sleep across side to side with easy step up into and out of.  Also the vardos are very colorful.  I like that   Big Grin at least you know how to video.  I haven't figured out to transfer pic's however a friend has explained it to me  to a  point that I think I understand.

Have fun with your build.     Jewellann
well, since i do have metal reinforcements of the walls, I'll likely stay 4x8x4 tall, but a vardo does sound interesting, despite the extra wind resistance, maybe I'll give that a bit of thought
Of course, I have a weight limit of 2000lb I think with a 1 7/8 ball
as far as sleeping side to side, I'd need at least 6'5" for spread out room, that's be wider than the Ranger, even more wind resistance
Heck, you could gypsy vardo a truck bed, did you not mind the wind resistance