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Full Version: Leatherman Owners Over Here
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So who owns one? I carry a Surge
Have had one for several years now and use it daily. Their warranty is awesome! My first one had an eye glass screwdriver and I broke it, contacted them to send another (it was just the removable bit) & they told me to just send in the whole tool, well a week later & they gave me a brand new current model no questions asked. Then last year I broke another bit (totally my fault as I was using it as a pry bar!) & they replaced it with another new one! Not once was I ever hiding the fact that I broke the tool by abusing it and they had no issue at all with that!
Does anyone have a good story to tell where their Leatherman came to the rescue and saved the day?
I have a Swiss Army Tool.  It fits better in my hand than the Leatherman.  

In 15 years I have not needed to send it back for warranty, even though I have used it on many full time jobs.  One Christmas I bought 6 og them for gifts for my kids and ex wives.   Wink

Two years ago I wore out the case!
I carry a SOG daily. very handy tool. I use it daily. never had to return so can't comment on that. hint, replace the belt case with a magazine case, much better. highdesertranger
I've had a leatherman on me for as long as I can remember....all the way back to the model that hurt your hands if you really had to squeeze the pliers.....probably since I was 10 or 12 yrs old. I've had the same Wave on me for at least 10 yrs. Great tool and great company!
I've gone through a couple cases now, the second time I broke the tool I was trying to pry off a wood block air nailed to another and I didn't have a claw hammer or anything else to separate them. Totally my fault on that one. The first time the eye glass bit just wore out. Out of the 20+ tools in this one I don't know why they had such a delicate bit but oh well. Is this tool heavy, yes. Would I trade it for anything else, nope. My eldest keeps bugging for one as well but he's still a few years off.
I have a groovy little set of grips called a Leatherman Crunch. Nice compact locking plyer that really does have a big bite!

The multi-tool I like but its a bit too heavy for me to pack around as I am most often in a dress. It's reached the point that if I hold out my hand while camping with a buddy & say tool his magically appears. I am going to have to buy my own soon...
I'm the guy with the magically appearing Leatherman (Surge). Used a Wave for over a decade and finally broke the screwdriver. Been procrastinating re sending it in, since I have the Surge, but will eventually do so. I find that the Wave is a bit 'better' in the hand than the Surge, but the pliers aren't as nice and the Surge has a 2nd (useless) flathead screwdriver. Liking the saw on the Surge more and the scissors are beefier and easier to deploy. ..Willy.
The lighter weight Kick is in my pocket for any emergency and non. The double ground blade remains remarkably sharp even after doing things with it that I shouldn't. The pliers part came in mighty handy when spouse fell in cactus. I also used it as leverage to untwist fence wire to release a doe that didn't quite make it over.

Great post and plays very well into the dweller lifestyle in my opinion as well. I started out back in the 80's with my first PST which I still have, then later had to have the Super tool when it came out. Then a Charge Ti, then a charge TTi which is the one I usually carry daily I love it's S30V steel blade. And then yet a Surge and a Rebar. Please help me I can't stop, LoL. I love quality tools and what their made here in the U.S.A. with a 25 year warranty pinch me I must be dreaming. I have also over the years given them as practical gifts to people who later told me how much they appreciated it and found themselves using it in so many different situations.
i have my old Leatherman but carry this more often.
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