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Full Version: Leadville, Colorado
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I just had an interesting conversation with a lady passing by my camp (spying on me). I here them passing through the woods each day around the same time. Dodging in and out of the tree line keeping an I on my new position.

I generally make a new camp when I come back from the store so as not to leave a lasting footprint. This area is so vast it is easy to drive into the forest off the dirt road and find a new camp every couple of day's.

This time they would not have seen me had it not been for there dog's tracking me. a fun game we play.

So there are two ladies that live in a camper just down the road with some 10 dog's. They stay the summer here. When the weekend campers go home to there parasitic houses on Sundays. The ladies and there dogs scout the area for smoldering fire's, then call the local fire department to put some of the bigger ones out.
It's a hobby that keeps them busy all summer.
Now for the "interesting conversation".
I could camp here in the Colorado Rockies all summer and most likely never see a ranger or be asked to leave till the snow starts to fly. This is what the one lady told me. It's what they do.

She then when on to tell me many stories of the more foolish weekenders and the stupid human tricks they do.

So I understand they have adopted this area as there summer home and do what they can to take care of it.

The best part of all is "vandwellers are welcome to stay here all summer if they like."
there is gold in the area too. the LDMA has a claim there. highdesertranger