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Full Version: Sewing Thinsulate
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I play around at sewing and am thinking of buying some Thinsulate to add to my giant stash of fabrics. I thought I'd like to make a really pretty quilt type blanket and use the Thinsulate inside. I looked at aerogel but it was cost prohibitive for playing around.

I'm not out there freezing yet and don't really need a warm blanket at this time but I have the time and space right now to sew and want to experiment. Are any of you using Thinsulate for insulation, be it blankets or jackets or? Any comments on it?

Also, if I was to make a blanket or even a throw, are there any ideas of what would be an ideal fabric for the outside? I love to use all my great colored fabrics and still might but am on the fence about using something that may be a bit sturdier - but I'd like beautiful.

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I kind of like the short furry stuff that I think they call fleece.
I like Climashield rather than trying to sew with something like Thinsulate.

Here's a link to some info on it for you:

Because its continuous filament it doesn't need to be quilted to remain in place, simply stitch it in around the perimeter. My quilts are 3 years old and have not lost any loft at all. I keep them stored loose in plastic totes when I'm not out in the bush.

I used 2 layers of the 2.5 (all that was available at the time) and with the addition of a single layer fleece liner, I stay warm down to the mid thirties in my hammock.

Here's a link to a good supply source for you:

For an exterior you can use anything from cotton to ripstop, depending on what you want to have for a finished quilt. Cotton is easy to wash, ripstop sheds water and is used widely by us DIYs for outdoor bedding.
Almost there that's a great source for me - they even have PINK rip stop nylon!!! Woooohooooo!!!

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How about making a quilt from thrift store coats? Sometimes you can get them cheap or even free. Cut out the pieces in the shape of the States. You can make your own map. Never seen one like it.
Danny, I already have a huge stash of beautiful fabrics and have the means to buy blankets or whatever I need. I sew as a hobby and just wanted to try to make an extreme insulated blanket that was both usable and pretty. I want to make a "super quilt" . It's just for my own enjoyment. I sew almost daily and am always gifting some craft item away (can't possibly keep it all). I've been making little car trash bags lately and giving them away. I just don't like the look of a plastic garbage bag hanging in my vehicle.

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I wasn't trying to be sarcastic or negative. I like quilts. I just thought a lot of coats and jackets were already insulated and that you could take advantage of that. Most are made of durable fabrics. A map of the USA just seemed to be an appropriate thing for a traveling abode.
Oh Danny I didn't think you were being sarcastic! Darn Internet never gets meanings right does it? I think I actually did see a quilt of the US once

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How about hats or caps? Most of the existing commercial Thinsulate hats are very plain...
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