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... to start a thread about medical stuff (insurance, medicine, doctors, etc)?  I was surprised that I didn't see a forum specifically for that topic.

HELLO AND WELCOME,  If you go back a few months in Bob's blog he did a series of blogs concerning how to pick the best states for a  state of residents, vehicle registration, and medical care and coverage.  It all depends on each person's needs and personal choices.  The blog around 6-6-16 was about getting health Ins.  It makes me NUTZ trying to back track blogs.  I guess I haven't learned the magic words to find what I want in them.  If you post asking about the series of blogs I mentioned I'm sure someone will get back to you.  Someone reading this may tell us.  I'd like to read them again.  I thought I'd saved them from my emails,  I guess not.

I'd like to see a discussion on this in addition to Bob's blog posts. The Money forum doesn't seem quite right, nor does the Personal Hygiene forum. Looks like the best place now is right here.

You may want to do a search for this too. It's probably discussed a lot, and you may find a thread that answers your questions.
There's a discussion on the question of a Medical Forum. I'd like to see a Medical/Health forum too, but understand the risk of people giving medical advice.

Bob's posts are VERY helpful too. I didn't mean to slight them. They answer a lot of common questions, and one's I'd not even thought of.
Thanks for all of those replies so far.  Agree, after my one day of heavy experience ;-), that a "Medical" forum seems to be needed.  It was the second forum that I went looking for on my first day to create a new post, but it doesn't exist.  I, too, would appreciate a place to have medical discussions relevant to van dwelling.  There is a post I'd like to make now about about alternatives for cheaper prescription drugs and eyeglasses (other than Mexico).

Not aware of any issues with such a potential forum (will read that thread), but I would imagine that we could pretty easily avoid snake oil and eye of newt, and the potential calamities and lawyers those might bring. ;-)
We've resisted placing a medical forum on the board for reasons diiscussed on the threads listed above.

Health insurance is duscussed in many threads

Technomadia has updated their page on healthcare, here:

If you wish to discuss your personal health issues I would start a thread, here:

If your looking for doctors both health grades

and ZocDoc

Will find doctors close to you and include reviews by patients and all other pertinent information
Wow this is a surpising hot bed of discussion. I kinda look at it this way, as a guest in someone else's house, I'm not gonna keep harping on the owner to add a room I think he should have. Oh I might make one passing suggestion if I notice something that I think they might like, but after that... It's not my house.

I use the search bar a lot and have found pretty much anything I needed. Big Grin
Just my two cents.
poprouge, you may be reading with *tone* where none is intended. I don't see a hotbed.
(08-23-2016, 11:08 AM)cyndi Wrote: [ -> ]poprouge, you may be reading with *tone* where none is intended. I don't see a hotbed.

I just noticed more than one post regarding this all of a sudden.  And yes, I'm sensing a tone, but completely agree with you that it's difficult to communicate effectively on a forum.  My usage of "hotbed" for example was just a demonstration of my surprise.  I wouldn't have expected so many posts regarding this topic.  Smile
I need to discuss my hemoroids with somebody.I also have this nasal drip that dries in my beard.And lots more.
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