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Full Version: van insulation
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Can anyone let me know if I can glue or somehow attach insulation to the top of a fiberglass hightop van? The van is a 1977 Dodge Santana.  I've read what others have said about but will it work in an old van?  What kind of insulation would be best do you think?  Oh I quess I should say it's on the inside.
if you use soft foam like Ensolite you can glue it to the fiberglass. they even make Ensolite that is peel and stick but it's kinda pricey. Ensolite is a closed cell flexible foam. it's what old backpacking sleeping pads were made of. if you use Ensolite and then use hull liner it is excellent insulation and resists raining on you in the case of condensation. highdesertranger
I've found that both polyiso and EPS foam board glue very well to fiberglass using great stuff can foam as the adhesive. You have to prop the panels up with something as the spray foam cures, but it works very well and it's impossible to remove the foam board afterwards without destroying it.
Thanks a lot I've never done this before and She' an old lady and I don't want to mess her up!
Great stuff is used all the time for the rigid foam like ViaVicavi said. It's basically a foamy version of Gorilla Glue, a polyurethane resin glue. If I was using a flexible insulation like that Ensolite, I'd probably use a 3M spray adhesive like Super 77 or one made for higher temperatures like headliner spray glue.