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Full Version: Fuel Economy: Driving Under Speed Limit?
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In the interest of saving $$$ on fuel, how many people drive under the speed limit?

If you do it, is it safe, and how many MPH do you drive under the limit?
In my limited testing, my 7.3 diesel likes to drive 45-50 mph, getting 13 mpg. When traveling at 70, mpg drops to about 10. I'm fine with going 60 on freeways, but less than that can make you a nuisance and/or a hazard in some situations...
Wow; great thread! One of my favorite subjects!

Although I'm no longer a commercial vehicle and technically not required to follow it, vehicles over 26,000 pounds in Michigan can only drive 60 mph on limited access highways.

I drive 58. Hey, I'm not in a hurry and it does wonders for my fuel mileage.

I have never had a problem; plus there is the left lane for anyone who wants to go around me. Frequently I have cars follow along behind me who have also decided to take it easy.

Practically, I have more stopping room; the crazies go around me; I can enjoy the scenery; and I have more "reflex" time to respond to emergency situations which may arise.

Lastly, it's more enjoyable.
Here in Ontario the speed limit on some 4 lane highways is 90 kmh so 55 mph- I do the 55. Others are 100 kmh (62mph), I do maybe 95 unless I'm in a hurry and then I'll set cruise control on 100.

In some of the US states where the speed limit is 80 mph, I definitely stick to the right hand lane and do 60mph. I actually found last winter that a lot of the trucks were doing my speed as well....mostly the ones that had to pay for their own gas I'm betting!!

But then I also try to stay off the interstates anyways. On the blue roads I try to pretty much do the speed limit so as not to impede traffic but then the speed limits are much more in tune with how I drive anyways.

I like to lollygag around a lot and I also like the much improved gas mileage by going slower.
I poke along, especially now in four cylinder in the mountains, I do what the others suggested, often following a truck driver from a distance, many truckers know how to drive safely like fellow speedhighway. I always get to right lane as soon as possible.
I use my cruise control to drive just one or two MPH over the limit. I find mileage is best generally at the limit, though here in Florida we do have some areas with the posted limit at 65MPH. Mostly I am in the 45/55MPH zones.
I find vehicle weight and driving habits affect my mileage far more than the speed limit.
I do the limit.....Mileage or not, I find it more stressful with a line of cars behind me, so I do the limit. That way, they have no excuse to be mad and if they want to go faster, they can pass.
If I'm on the interstate, I generally do a few miles over the speed limit. it doesn't matter if the speed limit is 55 or 75. I try not to spend too much time on the interstate.

Seems like everywhere but TX the secondary highways are 55mph and that's what I do. It cracks me up that even the secondary highways in TX are 75
It's called the SPEED LIMIT or the fastest you can legally drive in that zone. My truck feels best at 55-60, some downhill stretches let me coast at 70.
If I'm trying to put on the miles, like getting across Texas, I'll go the speed limit or slightly above. Usually I'm in no hurry and will take the secondary roads; and, if on the Interstate, I'll slide in behind a big rig whose going at the slower pace.
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