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Full Version: New Air Icemaker
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Came across this today, a portable Ice maker... Khols Sells it here

Wondering if it has been used by anyone, seen a YT Video, Guy claims it made a bowl of ice in an hour, had to refill the water, but does not say as to how much water. This Lady reviews it as well, says 8 cubes every 15 minutes, but they do not explain whether it works in say 100 degree dry heat or humid. Nor do the say how much water it consumes. Nor any power consumption is mentioned that I have seen as of yet.

Trying to see if this is a worthy of 100$-200$, as a Dometic is far out of reach for me at this time, so if anyone has one or has used one would love to hear more about the experience good or bad.

those are 120v, I looked into them they draw a lot of power. plus water. highdesertranger
Just curious about why you've got a poll about brands of 12V compressor fridges attached to a thread about a 120V ice maker?

One doesn't seem to have much to do with the other!

Maybe you should ask one of the mods to split this for you in to a poll about brands (although I think there's a fairly recent one on the subject and a discussion thread about the concept of making your own ice while on the road for those that use coolers or like their beverages with ice cubes in them.
hahaha I didn't even notice there was a poll. highdesertranger
I have a Portable ice maker in my sticks and bricks and love it. I was wondering about bringing it on the road. I know that Dometic makes an ice maker for not much more than a 170$. Mine makes about 4 cups of ice every 20 minutes. I love it.
If you have shore power and want ice for drinks, they are good. It's "soft" ice (not much below freezing) so not great for ice chests.