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Full Version: Tail Gate Hitch Racks
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I hope I'm calling them the correct name Huh . I am thinking of getting one of these for the back of the van, but not sure if it's a good idea. Anybody use one?  Like it, dislike it, pros and cons. Do they take your gas mileage down much?
If you mean hitch mounted carrier like the one in the picture they are very handy. Most will have a weight limit depending on your hitch type.

Negligible difference in MPG, use a net or cover to keep things from flying out Acover is best if you have anything someone else decide they need. I use one all the time. 

Hopefully Almost There will chime in. she's got the set up I want. I have a serious case of cargo hitch envy.
I also have a hitch on the top of my want list. The most important things to me, for a hitch, is the bar be angled up for high ground clearance and it doesn't cover my back lights. So it would need to be short.
I've had great service from Discount Ramps. They have a great selection of carriers.
[attachment=9203]I installed this today. It's a StowAway2 with the swingaway hitch. Came
wired with lights, just plug it in. Loving it so far.

Here it is swung away.
(09-09-2016, 05:29 PM)cyndi Wrote: [ -> ]That stowaway2 is pricey!

Did it come with everyhting you needed to install?

Yeah, it's not cheap... I'll deal with the credit card balance after the rent and utilities are gone... 

Yes, came with everything. I upgraded to a locking hitch pin.  It included a hitch tightening kit and lighted license plate bracket. It's a two person job to install it, unless you're super strong or stupidly stubborn (me.....). 

It's very sturdy. I'm impressed with the quality of everything. 

Planning on keeping my camping stuff, winter boots and jackets and extra blankets in it.
I ordered it direct from the company, btw. Shipping was free ( the package weighed 125 lbs) and it included the hitch tightening kit and license plate holder, which is extra on Amazon. I also got a 5% discount for buying the same time as I added it to my cart.

It also comes in black.
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