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Full Version: Do you ever need a "vacation" from fulltiming?
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While I sleep every night in my Van, I am not as nomadic as most here, but I have certainly been so in the past.

I have a parking spot on private property with access to a flush toilet and shower, and while this reduces stress, and is comfortable and convenient, it is also not that rewarding, UNLESS, I take advantage of it and get out of town for a bit, and not have to pay out the keester just to have someplace to stay.

When I am out curb camping, I am getting up early, making the most of daylight, seeing new things, tired shortly after sundown and sleep well, and actually want to meet new people. When i am in my private spot I can easily just fall into listlessness, leave me the F alone, Fu U, F this, F everything.

The strangers in the area of my parking spot are so self important and simply too cool to acknowledge anybody else, well i find I do the same. Everybody walks around pretending no one else exists. If it were not for the Pacific and a few good people nearby and some regular work, no way would I stay here.

So I do not need a break from out and about travelling, i need an escape from my regular spot, and the beauty is I can take my comforts with me, except for the flush toilet. Ands honestly that is not all that important. not when other aspects are more rewarding, and my fellow human does not fill me with a contempt for all humanity.

But the stress of finding a safe enough legal enough spot to sleep overnight is a stress that I do not really enjoy. Eliminate that stress and All is well enough, for me, and that is part of why i have been in my spot for as long as I have. If travelling elsewhere some distance away It is much less stressful than doing it within 50 miles. Does not really make much sense, but it is a state of mind I guess. Being far away from my mailing address is extremely liberating and I look forward to the day that I get my funds in order enough to get many hours away from it.

Been too long. A road trip is needed. I feel I am wasting my freedom, and time.
I've been fulltime for 15 months and a break simply isn't an option for me. However, the thought hadn't crossed my mind either. I use a bucket for a toilet and have no running water. However, I have heat, a place to cook and a hightop so I can stand up. I like the term "vanpartment".
I do get vacations from my vacation-life and although there are parts of the vacation I enjoy, for the most part I miss my little space and I miss the road and I miss being out in the middle of nowhere. I'm always counting the days until I can get back out there.
I lived for 14 years as a full-timer and not once did I think of needing a vacation from it. While I worked and not always had the money to go sightseeing as I would have liked to, I never, ever felt a need for a break from it.

Apparently some people grow roots that are much deeper than mine and need the stability of a home base. Me, it stifles and feels unnatural!

It was mostly because I felt guilty about not shouldering my share of responsibilities for aging parents that I moved back to Canada and settled back in to a S&B situation with a somewhat 'normal' job and existence.

After 8 years the stress levels were so high that I felt I could no longer deal with the situation and absolutely had to break loose. My own health was in jeopardy.

This summer while I've been stuck in mostly one spot due to high gas prices here has been tedious... so tedious that I took a part time seasonal job that landed in my lap. It's been great, something new to learn and experience but when my 'tour of duty' is up here, I'm outta here!!!

I can't wait to get  on the road again..... Big Grin Big Grin
Full Timing was my vacation. Watching the sun come up.  The fresh air, no stress~~~

I hate being in a S&B.
I guess I'm somewhat of an outlier, I fulltime in an RV, on a bit of land I'm buying
Once in a while I'll overnight in a hotel in town, and the luxury od a full 12'x24' room with all the hot running water is nice, but the FLUSH TOILET is what I miss the most
probably instead of a van i should be looking at class Cs lol
Stevesway, the people in the newcomers corner who you don't hear from anymore may very well have tried and given up their nomad lifestyle. On the other hand, they could be like me and find it a little bit of a chore to come back on here and post. I used to post on here quite frequently, but since leaving the sticks and bricks, I am actually out living my life, not on a phone, not on a computer. I'm out and about, doing things, and I don't like to sit still and look at my computer anymore. So, in response on your thought about the other newcomers, they could be back in their S&B, or they could just have forgotten about this forum because they're too busy living their life. I come back and post here for two reasons: 1. So people realize the "flybys" aren't necessarily done with the lifestyle. 2. I don't want to miss the opportunity to give an encouraging thought to someone like me or simply be a helping hand with any information I might have.
To answer the OP, with all the people who I visit, the common thing I have to go through each time is "Come in and sleep inside." People think I will be more comfortable in their home. I'm not. I will miss my bed. My things are in my van. To put it in perspective for those still in their S&B - would you go stay at your neighbors house just because? With my van in your driveway, we are neighbors, and your house is foreign to me. My house is familiar and I am most comfortable in it. Now if you're offering me a weekend stay at a 5-star hotel, I'd definitely take it. But if you're offering a night in your house, no thanks. I have a house of my own - it just has wheels...and a shower.
Great thread. One of things I'm struggling with. How much will I miss the house. Somethings I know I won't miss..but the comfort of my couch..bathroom..laundry..full kitchen, has me wavering.

But damn it. I'm sick of maintenance..lawn mowing..weed pulling. And shoveling snow.
I'm surprised, it seems more people miss a flushing toilet than a shower. For me it's hands down a shower, but they aren't really all that hard to come by on the road. If you're missing your bed, you don't have the right bed in your rig or you don't have the right rig. A bucket and the toilet are about the exact same to me. I grew up primitive camping with my Dad and also grew up in the construction trades, so not having a proper toilet has always been a norm.
(09-12-2016, 08:31 AM)justbreathe Wrote: [ -> ]Great thread. One of things I'm struggling with. How much will I miss the house. Somethings I know I won't miss..but the comfort of my couch..bathroom..laundry..full kitchen, has me wavering.

But damn it. I'm sick of maintenance..lawn mowing..weed pulling. And shoveling snow.

With a little bit of creativity those things you think you'll miss can be compensated for to the point where, if you're like me, you'll wonder why it was ever a concern.

My couch, heck I used to sit on it for 5 minutes and then slide down it until I was laying on it. A couple of nice pillows and my bed becomes my couch...I do the slow slide on it too. I put a good reading lamp above the head of it and I have all the couch/sofa I could wish for.

The bathroom - my kitchen sink works for brushing my teeth just as well and the bathroom I have actually takes less time to manage than I spent cleaning the one I had in my S&B...that means more time for things I like to do.

The shower, well yes, sometimes I miss not having an on board, on demand shower. But then I don't have to clean it. My gym membership here in the summer means that I actually go and work out at the gym before I shower...good for me. In the winter when I can travel farther aflield, it does take a little bit more work either setting up the solar shower or going to a pool/gym laundromat to shower but the trade off of not having to clean it and the saving of not paying rent so that I have a shower more than offsets it.

I have a full kitchen other than a microwave during the winter, summertime I have the microwave here in the cargo trailer but I find I'm using it substantially less than I did in the S&B. I have a good sized pantry, a fridge and a freezer all built in to the van. I did it because the kitchen was important to me. I'm used to backpacking/canoeing with a single burner stove so making a 3 pan dinner takes a little time management planning, the same as it does out there. Potatoes/pasta and a whole bunch of other foods continue to cook in their hot water while the fastest part of dinner gets done on the stove.

The laundry - can't help you there! I've been using laundromats for most of the last 23 years. I like being able to go in, get it done and get out of there. I spend less than 2 hours every two weeks doing laundry. Most people I know with their own laundry appliances tend to wash frequently and in small loads so they seem to be always doing laundry.

As long as you think you'll miss them too much to make the move, then you will!

If you figure out what's truly important to you and then find a solution to accommodate those wants, all is good!
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