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Full Version: Colonial pipeline rupture in Alabama
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Has anyone experienced this yet? We have stations selling out of gasoline, people crowding in lines to fill up and acting pre-panicky in the Asheville/CharlotteĀ area. Reports are coming in from Greenville SC too.

Be safe and kind out there!

(Was not sure where to put this, apology in advance)
They can still truck it in, like they do everywhere else. They say they have no clue as to why it is leaking. Imagine that.
A member on another forum I am on is a NC resident, and keeping the rest of us updated. The pipeline is supposed to be repaied and back online soon.
Other transportation of oil is being used, but may increase costs temporarily.
We in the Deep South saw a similar thing in 2008, after a quick one-two punch by two hurricanes shut down Gulf oil production and transportation.
I had 25 gallons stored then, and used my motorcycle for primary transport, so weathered the few weeks well. Others were scrambling to find gas.
Nowadays, I keep 70 gallons stored. Having an S&B comes in handy.
Vandwellers have the option of going to greener pastures for the duration, if no family or job holds them.