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Full Version: How To Download Private Messages
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Sometimes you want to save one or more Private Messages (PMs) to you computer.  Here is a tutorial to do that.

Go into your Private Messages and select "Download Messages":
[Image: 1DIDo05SxQHgOJft0VTQWModNc7F_WIH6xr9i-yG...53-h389-no]

This is the "Export Private Messsages" (download) screen:
[Image: bBnr77VoWLLfs9ToUr3I_Cn-KaLg2iXMm9rV3fIo...49-h485-no]

Make the selections to identify the PMs you want to download to your computer.  Click on the "Export Private Messages" button and your PMs are now on your computer. That's it!

If you don't want to download all of the PMs in a folder (that can't be delineated by date), here is how to do it.

First, click on either "Edit Folders" or "Manage Folders" to create a folder to hold only those PMs you want to download. 
[Image: 67iJQ9d42yG519U6PImc3e0eVXoTAAFaZKEgjQrJ...51-h373-no]

Second, create the folder.  I named mine "To Download."
[Image: 6qVuOEC8LQxEnD2UFoXFoP04mcAY2KCoxc9P4ocN...47-h579-no]

Third, go into each folder that contains PMs that you want to download.  1. Place a check mark to the right of each message you want to download.  2. Select the new folder you created.  3. Click on the "Move To" button.
[Image: tqzEUpwW0rC2iaf8IE47VicjFoBacQCbJfrKJMW7...49-h437-no]

Forth, click on the "Download Messages" link.  1) Select the folder from which you want to download the PMs. 2) Be sure to indicate that you want to "Disregard Date."
[Image: Hy9HVqDYy6pzUTEOsJ1oahWank3XHUW4YRwLGBxb...49-h475-no]

Additional Notes:

You can download your PMs to your computer in one of three different formats (HTML, Text, and Excel).  I was successful in testing all formats.  (I used Open Office Calc, a free substitute spreadsheet program for MS Excel.)

If you delete the PMs in the forum after you've downloaded them to your computer, you will free up space to save more PMs within the forum.  (To free up that space, be sure to also delete them from your PM Trash Can Folder.