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Full Version: Boondocking through Mexico & Central America
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I searched for "Mexico" in the titles under "Boondocking" and got no results so if those has been covered elsewhere, feel free to direct me to those threads Smile

I intend to explore Mexico & Central America. I have no itinerary but for a vague departure window of late-November/early-December. This being my first foray south of the U.S. border, I've no interest in tourist areas. My guiding principles are to stay safe, to be comfortable day and night with little or no supplementary heating/cooling, and to park free for about a week at a time.

I have my passport. I have a dog who needs to have an international health certification dated within 10-days of my crossing the border. I'll need Mexican car insurance, which I understand can be done online. And, I'll have to pay a refundable vehicle import fee of $200 USD, which I'll get back when my van leaves Mexico. The U.S. State Department website lists Mexican states where travel is discouraged, which should help me avoid driving into an all-out war zone (i hope). I've read to avoid driving at night, and to prefer toll-roads over their non-tolled counterparts. And finally, I upgraded my cellphone plan for more data, which includes unlimited talk & text to both Canada and Mexico.

This is what I think I know Smile

I'm hoping some of you will chime in with anything else I ought to consider. Thanks in advance!
On RV net there is a couple who did travel log of their journey from south of Mexico, I can't remember where they started, but the were going to reverse it and go back. Might log on there and use the search feature.

His user name there is,,,,,'south-of-the-border'
An article was just written about it... (Mexico at least)

Also be sure to check iOverlander as they detail boondocking for those guys who travel the world
Sounds like fun Richard. I hope to do the same one day. Will you be blogging your trip?

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We were talking about that about a month ago , I wanted to pass thru Mexico and end up in Brazil.
(09-30-2016, 09:30 PM)Cammalu Wrote: [ -> ]Will you be blogging your trip?

When I first launched into my van dwelling journey, I intended to blog about my experience. Despite my best intentions, I found myself so overwhelmed with joy at having actually begun the journey that I neglected to document any of it. Rather than make a promise that I may not be willing or able to keep, I'll just say that I hope to document my journey and we'll have to see how it goes. Smile
Thanks to everyone who's shared links to websites,  books, and video. I'm learning a lot about what to expect and this has given me many things to consider. By all means if anyone else wants to add to what's already been shared, please do!
Plant a Madonna on your dashboard, and do not drive at night, and expect at army checkpoints to have automatic weapon wielding teenagers search your van, even going south. Pocketknives might disappear, or cost you some bribe money. They are more looking to see if you appear nervous, so try and act like teenagers with automatic weapons searching your van is an everyday occurrence.

A while ago I heard that fully blacked out windows on Vans was a reason to get pulled over In Tijuana and other cartel ruled towns. I always removed all my blackout materials when driving on the main highways, and never had an issue.

Not sure if that is still the case.

Speed limits might appear absurdly slow(KPH) in some towns. Obey them. They also have some weird rules on left turns across other lanes of traffic I never quite figured out.

The rule I broke a lot, travelling in Baja, was not to take anything down that one could not afford to lose. Been nearly a decade since my last trip down there. Crystal Meth had infiltrated the coastal fishing villages where I preferred to camp remote and mostly alone. My Mexican friends had turned into thieves and liars and I made a split decision after a scary episode to leave and never return.

I miss it. I never had any real issues, but some incidents with my 'friends' and their newly acquired drug habit scared the piss out of me. Same crap could happen on this side of the border, but I fear their Policia and Federales as much as the cartel's products and their minions.

Avoid wearing shorts in public except at the beach.
Do not refuse any gift, doing so is a big insult.
Try to avoid looking scraggly and unkempt, and smelly. They get disgusted at barefoot 'hippie' gringoes.
Respect their culture and their country even if you find it backward.
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