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Full Version: 3M Thinsulate(TM) Thermal/accoustic insulation available
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Hello Everyone,

My wife, Kim, and I would like to introduce ourselves to the /Cheap RV Living/Van Dweller community. We may have already have had the pleasure of serving you as our customer. We own a Sprinter van and recently purchased a Transit for our company. I am a mechanical engineer with experience in vehicle and consumer products design and manufacturing. Kim, my wife of 30+ years handles the financial and business side of our mom & pop company.

We are authorized by 3M to provide Thinsulate™ to DIY and professional van up-fitters. We stock SM600L and SM400L which are the thickest grades engineered for use in vehicles. Please call, write, message, or send a PM for more information or to request a sample. We also offer Low-E which we feel is superior to Reflectix. Thinsulate™ and Low-E both pass Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for flammability.  (FMVSS-302)

We also design and produce a number of items that are helpful when up-fitting Sprinter, Transit, and Promaster vans. We are considering expanding into other van models as well. Tell us what you need. We currently stock items like battery boxes, solar panel and roof rack mounting systems, speaker upgrade adapters, and more. Please check out our Ebay store.

All the best,
Hein & Kim
Impact, Inc.
Hood River, OR
54l 49O 5O98
[email protected]
impactproducts | eBay
Thinsulate Specs
[Image: 3M_Thinsulate_SM600L_specs.jpg]
Hey hein...saw you were looking at a Transit now. Wonder if you ever happened across a Transit build thread by Berk8520: Advanturing Build?

What he's done, and the reason I mention it, is he has created a bed lift system for under $200...I know that the absurd prices for HappiJac were the reason I didn't go that way.

I bought the same components, but haven't gotten to that stage in my build yet. I haven't figured out how to join the Cable-Lifted Storage Rack to the 12vdc Remote Control Wireless Electric Gear Motor

[Image: 71aFqVne-jL._SL1500_.jpg] +  [Image: 41SHrt8%2B5bS._SL500_.jpg]

Dunno if that's up your alley or not, but seems to me that giving people a solid kit for a DIY lift might be worthwhile... I'll buy one   Smile
I cant answer any of your questions. however that motor in your picture is a Ford windshield wiper motor from a circa 60's Ford truck. the reason I know is my gold wheel uses the same motor. highdesertranger
(09-30-2016, 10:32 PM)BradKW Wrote: [ -> ]I haven't figured out how to join the Cable-Lifted Storage Rack to the 12vdc Remote Control Wireless Electric Gear Motor

I have the rails and such for a Happi Jack system but I didn't want to buy the expensive parts of it.  Thanks to you now I don't have to!  To me there's nothing to figure out.  Since I'll have a cordless drill on hand anyway, I'll just use it to lift the bed just like in that picture.  No extra motor to have to pay for and replace.

As far as the Thinsulate, here is the important info I look for because I want to know what it's made from:
Yeah, a drill will work fine, just looking for a slicker solution. I'll be interested in how the rails work out... tolerances to avoid jamming which is why they use the screw drive
Thank you for suggesting that we develop a bed lift system. It's intriguing and useful but doesn't fall within our scope of products at this time.

All the best,
We having a fall insulation sale on 30, 40, 50 and 50+ rolls of Thinsulate™ SM600L.
Regular price is $9.88 per linear foot (5 sq ft)
Sale price is $8.88 per linear foot.
Sale will run through the end of October.
Please call, text, email or PM and tell us you saw this message on the forum

Impact, Inc.
Hood River, OR
541 490 5098
Hein 54l 49O 5O98 (engineering product support)
Kim 54l 49 4292 (orders shipping)
Kim's number is 54l 49O 5O98
She can take your order during business hours.
Folks, you're totally off-topic, no more on that, it needs it's own thread.