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Full Version: I'm going to stay off the Internet for about a month
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I'm not going to fill my Straight talk data this month , too much internet makes my mind not right like ungrounded , I noticed that about most technology like cars , if I walk somewhere buy the time I get there I'm extremely grounded and at piece , if I drive somewhere I'm kinda Loopy when I arrive.  LOL
How did it go?
He lasted about 6 days best I could tell. I was going to bet him, but figured he'd just go stealth to let's just say we bet, I won, and MS sends me my winnings?
I think MS owes all of us that made that bet at least a round of drinks.
Cold Turkey is unrealistic.

Go for timed use, you'll be much more successful.

I made it about 3 days and then I went and bought a phone card to load
 Data ($60 ) which is stupid because I have access to plenty of wifi . But sometimes I need Internet 24/7 so I can immediately look things up that pertain to getting my system set up , talking about my system to get through the very cold months of winter.
So I'm thinking of post poning not buying a Data card until next month. 
When my 30 days of data is used up I might not refill.
Bradkw , check your mail box for a package from MS  , LOL
Are the bets back on for next month?
So how much data does $60 get you and on what carrier?
Straight talk 10 GB
$55 + tax
(10-22-2016, 07:59 AM)Mobilesport Wrote: [ -> ]Straight talk 10 GB
$55 + tax

Yep. This is what I use. It works for me.

VanGrrl57  Smile