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Full Version: Suspected it's vandweller
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Hiya, it has been awhile since last time I was here. I bought wrong van so no room to fix up into vandwller i have to pay off debt to van then trade in right one. But til then I'm uber I drive around for anyone need ride. This client require ride to Detroit, MI. I was driving on the highway. I spotted this van. I suspected it's Vandweller. Here reason... There's window completely cover, There's rear left window replace with A/C that use for house... Also mostly thing it gave me suspected... The phone number!

[Image: vandweller_zpsnkcn4kw2.jpg]

Who would have number with 555? all tv show and movie always have those number 555. It say 1 800 555 4709. So I drive around him (without take any picture. From right side, I looked at his dash. Map is everywhere there. Also a lot of stuff like pencil, drink bottle, etc. As I drove speed up bit to pass him. I noticed there's 3 gas Jerry tied to front. I know Company would never do that. If they do, Then It's first time i even saw it.
I see dwellers of all sorts around here and occasionally stop yak and tell them about this site. The A/C and covered windows is a tell, good catch on the phone number.
That is an expediter. They tend to live in their vans while driving loads.
Turns out that not all 555 numbers are fictional.
Most interesting.