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Full Version: Rival to Columbus Day Storm coming- OR/WA 10-16-16
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Appears a storm, potentially to rival the famed Columbus Day Storm, is brewing off the west coast.  It has all the same ingredients and the timing.  Massive wind/rain potential.



Get inland- ya coasties!  And get to cover, Nail your stuff down, head for the high ground, and get out from under the trees...

Be safe people!
Yeah, it's aimed straight at us. The last Wunderground report is estimating up to 80 mph wind. Everyone is battening down the hatches and keeping our fingers crossed that they're overestimating.
They have scaled it back slightly- to 20-30 winds and 75-80 gusts in the Valley --yikes
Along with Hurricane force winds on the coast.

Get somewhere safe today-Friday- while you can!
Saturday is going to be 'interesting'
And stay out of the low areas -what with all this rain.
Friday 4AM SW corner of Oregon
So far so good... It was a bit nasty to be wandering around outdoors yesterday afternoon/evening but not even close to the Columbus Day storm. Camp trailer is still where it's been parked and the power hasn't failed. I remember the Columbus Day storm well... School cancelled, no power for a few days, cooking on the Coleman and learning how to play cribbage by lamplight.
All is good here in the Portland area, except that the pond is overflowing...hope my fish don't end up in the yard.
Watch out for trees!
Lots of rain here in the Snoqualmie Valley (30 miles east of Seattle). Some wind, but not bad ... yet.  Expecting gusts here to 40 MPH tomorrow ... along with more rain!

Here are two photos of Snoqualmie Falls (269' high) up the road from us (pics from Salish Lodge on Twitter). Photos are 24 hours apart, yesterday and today.

[Image: 14731216_10155428707984199_7858363632309...e=589EB6C3]

Be careful out there!
just a monsoon that spawned a tornado that's giving way to a typhoon

i demand Wolf Blitzer on the coast right now! the president to speak,where's Anderson Cooper warning me?

i'm sensing power outage,hope its back on for football
Weather is chasing me, snowing on the Alcan, I just missed it all by a day or two. I arrived in Seattle this morning. Dropped of my passenger at the greyhound station and headed east with alacrity. It's dry and sunny on the other side of Snoqualmie pass. Hopefully the weather stops in Seattle.
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