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Full Version: HELP NOW!
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I have been hunting and thinking and now I found one that I like a lot. But then what to do?
I can get this vehicle for 15,000$ but then my purse is also empty.
What does a insecure Dane do?
Getting an RVreport will cost 500-1200$ that is not possible!

:-II MaxiDane on Wheels
Maxine, I think that's too much money to spend on a 2001. Please don't leave yourself without funds, Most RV stores only charge about 100 dollars for an inspection.

I would stick to your original limit of $10,000 and wait until you find one for that money. 

That one looks nice but it has the V10 and it will drink the fuel. 

Broaden your search even if you have to travel a few miles to find one that you will be comfortable with and still have money in reserve.

Read Gunny's post several times.

And always remember that the ASKING price is not usually the SELLING price.
Personally I would go older even still and find a good unit for half of your reserves. You still have to insure it, gas it up, stock it up and feed yourself. Blow a tire..ouch. Need a tow...oh boy. Want to stay in a nice campground for a while with hook ups and a pool, that can get real expensive fast.
Maxine, if you were to find something in southern California it is a very short bus or plane ride to there. Hire a cab for a few hours but have a few that interest you.. And Jim is correct, save for the unexpected.

When you find one sign up for Good Sam or a service that will provide help for you.

I have followed your travels closely and want very much for you to be happy with your choice...But not broke.
(10-13-2016, 11:34 PM)Gunny Wrote: [ -> ]

I'd really want them well checked but they could certainly serve the purpose.
I can see why you want that, but it would be an emotional purchase, not a logical one...but I suspect you already know this Smile
Maxine, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't spend the bulk of your funds on a vehicle. Besides registration and insurance there will be other expenses that you can't foresee until you're actually in the vehicle. And you will have to eat and buy gas.
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