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Full Version: Solo women RVers
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I found this particularly inspiring since she is older than I but has nonetheless hit the road full time.  Maybe some of you will be inspired, too.
solo women RVers are like FIGHT CLUB.  First rule, you do not speak about solo women RVers,  Second rule, you do not speak about solo Women RVers.

the above web site is about traveling solo around the world.  I also have a link to a newsletter that is dedicated to women solo travelers.  its great information

Wonderful video... Thanks so much for sharing HuggZ
Loved it!

Great inspiration, though I doubt that she is older than I.

You may not be aware, but there are more solo women on the road, than men.  On another site where we assist roadtrippers, this is a common topics of discussion.

Quote:You may not be aware, but there are more solo women on the road, than men.
  That doesn't surprise me for two reasons:  Women usually outlive their spouses and they often want to extend the lifestyle they enjoyed; Also, it seems that men are more apt to need a companion than women.  Maybe because they don't like to cook? [Sorry, not meaning to be stereotypical]. 

When I was in college, I did a study on widows and how they cope with their lives after widowhood.  The surprising [to me] answer was that, in most cases, very well.  Many said they had never been more content with their lives.  During their marriages they had mostly adapted to their husband's lifestyle and preferences and they were now able to live their own lives, even though they loved and missed their husbands.  It was an eye opener when I was young but easier for me to understand now.

BTW, she said she is 73.
OK!  She beats me by a hair's width!  (I could watch the clip, but not hear it.  My Youtube setting has the sound with an x over it, and I do not know how to change that.)

mockturtle, that describes my situation to a T.


Women, if you think about it, would have an easier time with widowhood.  Most have spent their lives in a double career which is one that makes money and one the second one caring for her family as wife, mother, cook, housekeeper, gardner, etc. etc.  Unlike men, they have the activities of daily living down pat and most will call professionals to accomplish what the husband did (which most have done even when the husband is alive) such as mechanic, plumber, carpenter, etc.  The transition into the male's role is more exciting for a woman than it is for a man to transition into a female's role.  Think about it--we woman were built to adjust to changes--hormones, we've had to adapt our whole life! 
  But, we are all individuals, and will use our abilities differently.  This woman on here is someone I'd like to emulate.
Well, this gives me hope (this section and that video).  64 and seriously thinking about hitting the road on my own if I can sell or rent my house and get rid of more stuff...

in my travels it seems to me that i meet as many ladies as men in this life style... i must admit i have found no damsels in distress- on the contrary they all were strong opinionated ladies and had there sh=t wired tight...
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