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Full Version: Need help in Salt Lake City area
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I suppose it's more of a favor...

I need to change the oil in my Van, my Tacoma and my Honda EU 2000. I'm living in the van while finishing school. I do my own oil changes and paying someone is not an option. 

Anyway, I need a driveway or something to do this in. I have my own tools and stuff, but I'm not comfortable doing it in a parking lot. I would if that was the only option but I thought first I would see if anyone here could offer up a space for a couple hours.

Thanks in advance,
Couple hours? For an oil change?

I've changed my oil all over the country. Parking lots, dead end roads, wherever. 20 minutes and on to somewhere else. No one should hassle you as long as you're not making a mess. I'm not discouraging you from finding a volunteer driveway, only saying don't be discouraged from doing what you need to do on the road...
hmm...I always thought that was what Advanced Auto, Pep Boys, etc, parking lots were for. Well, that and brake changes...

Your reading into my post a little too much.
I should add that I've spent 15 years living on the road. You name it, I've done it. But don't read into that either...I just trying to convey that I'm not apprehensive or without ideas because most of my adult life has been spent on the road.  But...given the opportunity I'd much rather change the oil in someones driveway. And yes, I know they don't take that long but I have two vehicles, limited tools and a Generator. All my real tools are at home in Az. Have you ever changed the oil in a Honda EU2000? Its a tedious process...unless you don't care about making a mess. Plus, I don't try try change my oil as fast as I can. Yes, 20 minutes sounds reasonable but it's not a race for me. 

I felt I should clarify this for you. Gotta be careful about giving advice to someone that you don't know in a way that is slightly condescending.

and Yes, I've seen people work on their vehicle in Auto store parking lots...I have before also. Its not something I prefer to do, more of a "no-choice" scenario. Which is why I'm here trying to find a better, more appealing alternative.
(10-17-2016, 06:54 PM)BradKW Wrote: [ -> ]hmm...I always thought that was what Advanced Auto, Pep Boys, etc, parking lots were for. Well, that and brake changes...

Or Cost Less auto parts....O'reilly (Bought out Shucks and basically RUINED a great auto parts store).....