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Full Version: IR Camera / Thermal imaging
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Hey All,

I was thinking about this insulation lark and it occurred to me that the same way homes can be assessed using infrared, so could a van. Now I don't have the cash to throw at something like this but Google is ever at hand:

There ya go. The definitive answer to most insulation questions, though a little expensive. Maybe someone out there knows of a cheaper option.
OTOH, if someone had one of those gadgets, they might be able to sell their services to other people who wonder the same thing. Like in Quartzsite.

Just a thought.
(10-18-2016, 06:03 AM)Matlock Wrote: [ -> ]There ya go. The definitive answer to most insulation questions, though a little expensive. Maybe someone out there knows of a cheaper option.

A lot of Fire Trucks carry thermal image cameras.   That's Australian information.   Our community relationship with the local fire service often has the boys (and girls) come round on training exercises to show off their equipment.   I have seen the local crew using a thermal imaging camera to find hot spots in house fires and bushfire scenes after the initial knockdown and as clean up operations commence.   Our local crews are pretty proud of their expertise and equipment.   Maybe you could get your local fire engine guys to take a picture of your van at night????

The company I retired from 17 years ago used TI regularly to check the electrical switch boxes and transfer gear for insulation breakdown and other problems. "Hot Spots" would show up in the scans and these pictures were taken every six months on each piece of electrical gear. It was an important part of our effective preventative maintenance program.
I've always thought a TI camera would be neat to have, but the prices have made it unrealistic. The pictures linked in OP look great and I would guess they were taken with a camera costing $2k+.

I keep hoping someone I know picks up a Flir which attaches to your smart phone and costs around $250...
I worked in transport refrigeration and only once did we rent an infrared camera. What I used a lot was a infrared thermometer. You can get them cheap now at Harbor freight and such. Turn on the heater in the vehicle and after about an hour read the outside skin temperatures at various locations.

You can also use one of these to check if part of your vehicle's radiator is plugged up.
There are articles on DIY thermal cameras on, a low-res (64 pixel) one can be built for about $50. I've seen references to ones that attach to cell phones (for display) for a few hundred dollars.
The article clearly stated the photos were shot with a $200 FLIR add-on to a smart phone
I didn't know that example of the few interesting things I miss by not watching TV I expect.

Spent the last half hour comparing it to others, reading about it, etc...never did see who was contracted to make it. It's specs are appealing...can't believe they left off wireless charging tho, making you futz with the waterproof USB port cover how many times a day...
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