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Full Version: It Has Happened :-)
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I have said it: I would like to buy this RV...

Please go and read on my Facebook page:

MaxiDane on Wheels

I will not show the RV before I have Bought it :-)
Great! Now...... you are going to post a picture HERE, aren't you? I don't do Facebook.
^^^^ What she said
^^^^^ what they said. highdesertranger
^^^^^^ ditto
Worry not folks!
You aren't missing any photos, none on facebook either..........

Not even a clue of what the possible purchase is. A lot of running and phone calling between banks is all
Okay then :-)
The money is her.
I made an insurance and Road help for the RV.
We are going to meet an an Walmart tomorrow afternoon and then it could be ir...Just an DMV approval and then I am FREEEEE:-)
Then the real fun begins. Getting to know here and here little quirks.
What all the buttons means, where to turn left or right...
I will name here:
An Synonym for Beautiful.

I am at the lookout for an used Hegner Scrollsaw to make some nice woodwork for here. If you have one or know someone that does, please PM me.
I think there is a hidden message in there... Maxine has been abducted by aliens is how I read it...
Maxine, Please be safe. Don't meet anyone with cash in hand. 

The police stations that I know offer their parking lots for safe transactions are located at North Las Vegas Boulevard and Owens Avenue or at Washburn Road, near Simmons Street.

All Las Vegas and Henderson police departments recommend any of their parking lots for online transactions

Here are some safety recommendations for online transactions
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