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Full Version: Quartzsite to Yuma
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We've been in Quartzsite a few days.. beautiful!  STILL real slow here, though more RV''s here than at this time last year. We're heading to Yuma today, and I am just wondering if anyone knows a good area there to find a blm campsite within easy range of the town as we will be again looking for jobs.
The BLM behind the DFW on 95 is a fairly quick shot into the east end.
This is a bad choice. going to try Erinburg. lot more options there
OH REALLY? My choice would be Yuma but it does depend on what kinda work your looking for, good luck and go make some dough.
There's nothing in Ehrenburg but a truck stop, isn't there? Do you mean Blythe, CA?
As usual, see Closest are a couple of casinos, for longer term there is the pilot knob LTVA or pay the Indians to camp near the Q casino. (stories vary on how much, irregular enforcement.)
I like Like the indians for being negotiable on cost of living, we fucked em around long enough
Parker has a Safeway and a Walmart and I'd guess both are hiring to get ready for the snowbirds. That Walmart is incredibly busy when government checks come out--nothing left on the shelves! Good camping about 5 miles west of town on the CA side of the river. You can even get up on a hill looking down on town and the river. Good internet. That side is overseen by the BLM in CA and it's a LONG ways from the field office, very little enforcement.

There is also camping close by to the east, but I've never been fond of it.
We momentarily ended up down by the Colorado river 5  miles from the flying just in blythe.  Think it is on the Arizona side, but will see if we can check the other side too... different jurisdictions?  Good, though intermittenttmobile signal here.   Busy down here, but lots of places to camp if you are versatile. Either Blythe or parker are a good consideration... checking Albertsons in Blythe first.
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