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Full Version: Rifle Colorado to Arizona
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Well, it got down to 19 last night and that's me cue to make my move to Arizona after 5 months in Colorado.

This is my first year doing so, and I'm wondering what the best way of travel is to avoid the most passes as possible.  My truck struggles a little on the big ones so I would rather drive a hundred miles to avoid than go over.

Best and easiest route on the rig would be most appreciated!! Thanks
It looks like 70 to 191 would be less mountainous.

Try Lucas fuel injector cleaner. It made a difference on my trucks going uphill is where I noticed it most.
Where in AZ do you want to end up?

I-70 west is mostly flat and downhill from Rifle until just west of Green River UT, then there's a long grade up the San Raefel Swell (which is something everyone should see someday, but it's a better view when heading east. So take US191 south through UT to Bluff. There are some ups and downs along the way but nothing hard. From Bluff you can either go southwest on 160, through the Navajo Nation to US89 just east of Grand Canyon and on to Flagstaff (though there will be an uphill climb as you approach Flagstaff). Or you can continue south on US191 through Navajo Nation, past Chinle/Canyon de Chelly and on to I-40. If you want to go to, say, Lake Havasu City, Parker or Quartzsite, you can take I-40 west through Kingman and then south on AZ95. If you want to go to Sedona/Cottonwood, take I-17 south from Flagstaff. However, after that nice downhill run, there's a steep climb south of Camp Verde. So the route through Kingman will be flatter. If you want to end up closer to Phoenix, you could take US93 southeast from Kingman.
Okay, I gotta say it
Rifle is an awesome name for a town
Rifle is a neat town, has my favorite Rest Area in the US too....complete with a nice fishing lake. Used to stop in there regularly and visit with a 90+ year old WAVE, who was at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked; she worked the Welcome Center.
(10-20-2016, 09:23 PM)ArtW Wrote: [ -> ]Okay, I gotta say it
Rifle is an awesome name for a town

So is Parachute, CO.
I'm actually stopped in parachute Colorado right now, I personally like 'No Name' Colorado as well.

Thanks a lot for the advice!! Without doubt helps me a ton, I'll check out an auto store for the cleaner asap tomorrow
Mr. Noodly gave you great advice! But let me add once you drop out of Colorado, Utah should be pleasant temps. If you've never been that way before, and you have the time, I'd suggest you explore Utah as you go. October and November are the best times to be there and to say it is spectacularly gorgeous is to damn with faint praise. You can't put into words how magnificent it is.

If you're interested, I'd love to suggest an itinerary?
^So true Bob
I'd absolutely love a suggested itenerary!! I've got no set schedule whatsoever at this point, I'm just going as I feel like going.

I wouldn't mind a few places to camp either, I'm currently in a rest area parking
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