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Full Version: Who Moved My Cheese?
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If you haven't already, I highly recommend this short story:
I found it when I first started researching the idea of living in my van, so there may already be a link to it here somewhere, but I thought I'd bring it up, just in case. It's sort of life-changing, I suppose.. In any case, it gives interesting perspectives on the changes most of us go through during the chaos that is life. Plus, it's short, so no excuses. Read it. Grok its tasty goodness.

Hail Eris. Hail Discordia. Chaos is not going anywhere, so try to embrace it. Enjoy the Maze!
Enjoy the maze, indeed!
I remember that book.. they brought it into our work offices for everyone to read before they reorganized and screwed with everyones routine.. meanwhile, for the upper managers it was business as usual.. 

Maze = Matrix, right?

Sadly, lots of books can be twisted to suit some jerk's agenda. Take the bible, for instance.
its true that you have to be aware of the change that will (not might) happen.  People get cancer, people have car accidents, people get depressed and cant handle it, people get laid off or fired.  it happens, be ready. 

A van with all you need to live in, for a second home, is possible for most individuals, and maybe even some smaller families.  
for those who have difficulty and need temp employment, I recommend my state of SC, Charleston area.  Son and I relocated.  he found a minimal wage job and a roomate in less than three months.  with just a high school degree and a strong work ethic.  got a $1000 moped (warenteed for a year) and a room mate to share a $500 per month apartment (relatively safe area, his piece of rent is $250) 

There are better paying jobs, and nicer areas to live.  but not a bad path.    Lives on groceries from dollar store (lots of them for competative selection of goods).

If you want education at possibly no cost, live in North Carolina for a year.  You can go to truck driving school on the state nickel after residentcy in a year.  All possible. 
Behavior mod 101.  Sounds like a seminar corporations put you through just before they give you the shaft!

Even so, it's good advice.  Having always thrived on change rather than feared it [maybe because I'm a Gemini??] it doesn't speak to me as much as it might to someone else.   But there are features of it that do apply and I appreciate your posting it.  I've heard a lot about it but never read it before.