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Full Version: Hope everyone is doing good.
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Haven't been too active on here lately. So just wanted to say hello to everyone and hope everyone is doing good. We are gonna try to make it to the 2017 RTR if all goes well, and we can keep working our way west. We are in panama city beach right now trying to work and get as far as we can. Some might remember a while ago I talked about spending the winter in naples... well as it turns out, naples kinda sucks... its just mehhh.

So cheers, and hope to see some faces soon.

been wondering where you have been. hope you make RTR, see you there. highdesertranger
Hope we do too, trying our darndest to get out west where it's the best. Hopefully the odds are in our favor.
Hi - do make it to the RTR. You've struck me as a good couple to get into this lifestyle and you'll benefit from meeting the tribe, and vice versa. I'll be there again and look forward to meeting you both.
Thanks man! Def look forward to meeting you. Things may be looking up here for us, so hopefully we can head west in a month or so.