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Full Version: Steak Dinner
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A few days ago one of the forum members ( I won't mention his handle, he may come forward) drove down and we went to Texas Roadhouse, had a nice meal and some good conversation, a really nice guy.

When he left he was going to park off of my apartments property where I normally park my RV. Someone shined a flashlight into his RV and he had the presence of mind to grab his phone and take a couple of pictures of a black Escalade. In one of the pictures the plate numbers are very clear. I told security (an off duty cop) about the pictures and as it turns out there was a break in somewhere on the property. Local on duty cops came by and got copies so possibly "another one bites the dust".

Whether they catch the guy or not who knows but I thought that was very quick thinking on our members part. Well Done.
Very well done!
here are the pictures.


Were your friends confident the flashlight people came out of that car?
Yes, he hadn't pulled his curtain closed yet, saw them stop.
A brain and the needed equipment close at hand. NICE.